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Aware and Tired of Disdain.


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I understand why I am not caring so much for politics these days. The reason why I understand my feelings is because I clearly do not understand all of the constant disdain. Continuous disdain is not the answer to the problems. I understand because I do not understand. That is how I feel every time I turn on the news and have to hear about the results and ramifications of the political decisions again.

I am more than a little awareof the immigration controversy. I am more than a little aware of families who have easily and illegally crossed the Rio Grande to seek a better life. I am more than a littleawarethat illegal immigrants who have criminal records should not be allowed to stay. I am more than a little awarethe some of these illegal immigrants with criminal records have repeatedly returned to the United…

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  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    Very true x


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