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I had umpteen ideas about jiggle,  however, I settled on an amusing anecdote about my family.  For years when the children were small, we had finger food night.  Since we all got to choose a meal per week, there was a constant variety to choose from.

Since I’d never eaten frozen or canned food, it was all as fresh as the shelves at the local grocery store could provide, they were used to eating veggies. Oh but if I had a garden!  We did for a time, and that was heaven.  Back to the story.

Needless to say the kids were delighted with finger food night because the diversity of food was endless… every vegetable imaginable with a homemade veggie dip or plain, fruits (mostly in season).  I had to get creative in the winter as my kids loved winter vegetables but only cooked.

It gave everyone a night off from cooking and dishes and was readily accepted by all.  Then came the night of the surprise.  Oh I suppose I should mention that finger food night was usually Friday night.  Therefore it was a great start to the weekend.  Dinner was enjoyed with next to no clean up involved and the weekend began.

I digressed to mentioning Friday’s as this gave me plenty of time to add one surprise to the forthcoming dinner.  On the night in question, unbeknown to my family, I was adding “Jello”.  When the first section of the meal was complete and everyone was nearly full, I pulled out a big bowl of jello, which I quickly divided into bowls and brought  on a tray to surprise everyone.

You can imagine the hilarity that ensued as each of us tried to pick up the Jello that wiggled and jiggled around the bowl.  We chased it with fingers, clinched them together, the efforts and contortions were hilarious.  At times the intensity on little faces nearly brought me to tears (little tongues settled into the corner of their mouth, concentration high) to dropped jaws, it was a complete delight.

They would dive at the jiggling jello, scoop, use both hands and finally one of them thought to suck the jiggling jello out with their mouth.  I can’t quite remember any other dinner that was quite that much fun.  Jiggle jello, jiggle.



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She’d never felt more alone.  A solitary aloneness in a relationship where love and friendship should flourish. Yet she felt as parched baked and thirsty as if she were sitting alone in the midst of the Sahara Desert.

“What went wrong?”

“Nothing, we’re perfect as we are.”

“That’s what you think?”

“Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with our relationship.”

“I’ve already explained my feelings on the matter and you simply don’t get it.”

“I don’t, no.  I provide, work hard, you want for nothing, what more could I give you?”

“How about love, affection, a meaningful hug, great sex?”

“What you’re saying the sex isn’t good?”

“I’m saying you don’t have any emotions about anything, not what’s happening around you, your life, our marriage, you don’t even have an opinion on what you want to eat.  Passable is enough for you.  It’s not enough for me.”

“Then I’d say you have a problem, not me.  I can’t believe we’re having this conversation period.”  Paul shook his head and walked away.  “Women, who could understand them?”  he whispered quietly.

Adrian loved that he provided for her, he was right in that she wanted for nothing.  Still, they had long since stopped enjoying anything in common.  Their life had become drab, dull, boring.  He gave nothing, expected nothing – he simply existed.  All the promises he’d made about what their life together would be like had long since vanished.

She wandered aimlessly like

A shriveled presence so ghostlike

Existing day to day not really there

Felt not seen unheard but aware

There had to be more than an existence now arid

No moisture of romance, presence unheralded

Wandering aimlessly dreams at an end

Standing on a bookshelf, an empty bookend

Nothing in common, not a spark of need

No conversation or interaction to proceed

Emotions like anger, laughter, love, affection

All so empty, surrounded by feelings of dejection

How could he not understand a woman needed more

Than the daily drivel and slamming of a screen door

Vibrance, lushness, thrills and unexpected surprises

A walk in the park, holding hands, sparks tantalizes

The human soul and love from deep within

Keeping you warm, she desired this more than anything







An unescapable prescipice


In her romantic conjuring, the gently falling flakes of crystalline snow captivated with promises of a soft feathery hinterland that quickly turned barren concrete and brick into a make-believe world where untold possibilities awaited.

Structure and form softened as the darkly lit world united under a blanket of potential fun transformed everyday sounds into muted copies of themselves and a simple walk left angels and footprints behind hinting at fun and delight of the lighthearted spirit of those that went before.

A beautiful ethereal season brought to life in an instant played out in her mind as she witnessed the now dense flakes falling around her.  Death came to all sooner or later.  In her case, it came sooner than expected.  Her playful romp landed her on a precipice from which there was no escape.



Baby a plethora of uses :)


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Lines from well-known songs using “baby”

Steve Miller Band, “Keep rocking me baby”

Frankie Valli, “I love you baby!”

Taylor Swift, “Cause, now baby, we got bad blood”

Jeff Beck and the Big town Playboys, “Her name is baby blue”

The Supremes, “Baby, baby, baby, don’t leave me”

Mac Davis, “Baby don’t get hooked on me”

Perry Como, “Sweet dream baby”


An affectionate term used by some

Expressing love, used without qualm

Meaning your dear, special, and precious

Lifts your spirits, you simply feel delicious

While some say it and sexy it sounds

Others may try it but strangely it confounds

There’s something missing in translation

When not accompanied by love’s expression




Slur Nathan


Jessop rarely drank, but when he did, he drank heavily.  He was listening to his own voice, unrecognizable even to himself.  He wobbled and staggered around his den talking to the objects surrounding him.  “Youuu, yuuuur mine now.  Yuuur mine, nooo one can shtake that now…not een youuu Nafan.”

He needed to sit.  He went for the chair and missed falling on his butt on the floor laughing at himself.  He’d dropped his bourbon on the way down and momentarily searched for it before giving up and falling on his back asleep in an alcoholically induced haze.  If anyone was listening, they’d have heard muted snoring.

When he woke on the floor curled in a fetal position, he was momentarily at a loss.  Then he remembered damning himself for his stupidity and loss of control.  Nathan’s fault!  It was all due to his disgustingly infernal meddling.  Damn him!  He raised on one arm, lifting his still heavy body from the floor to a knee then up.  Heading through the door he set the lock and scuttled up to his bedroom to shower and change.

He’d have to wait for his head to clear before checking on his current plans.  Damn Nathan to Hell! his mind screamed.

Nathan had been in meetings for the better part of four days and exhaustion wasn’t just nipping at his heals, it was threatening to swallow him whole. He decided he’s sleep for a few hours then call Emma.  He felt chagrined at his neglectfulness but still, it couldn’t be helped.  He’d make it up to her upon his return.  He smiled at the thought as he allowed himself to drift off into sleep.

He’d been sleeping all of ten hours when his cell went off alerting him to possible problems and danger.  Quickly rising he answered.  “I’ll fly out immediately.  Meet me at my cabin.”

His driver delivered him at the plane and within 40 minutes he was flying out.




What a relief!  Knowing is.  It never ceases to surprise me how far the mind will take us in the wrong direction when we don’t have answers.  For instance, unknown aches or sudden and unaccountable pains can lead our mind into territory that is frightening, overwhelming,  allowing us to worry needlessly.

Questions about a relationship when the significant other acts strangely (out of character) for no apparent reason often causes us to doubt ourselves and feel insecure, making the reality of the given situation feel insurmountable.

When someone says you do this wrong, that wrong, something else wrong, your never good enough, right enough, exact enough, always pointing fingers in your direction (even though you know deep inside it’s not true) you may take it on.  Remember when someone points a finger at you, there are three pointing back at them.  That’s usually a good indicator of what the reality is.  If someone cares, they don’t point fingers at you, they help you question the reality of your situation to clarify it, not place blame.

Of course for some things, it’s true there is no answer, certainly not to why, in most cases. That one can drive you crazy.

When you know what is and the reason for it, you can cope.  You automatically find answers to living with what is and gain perspective and settle.

I don’t know about you, but I find in any given situation, I don’t question the other person’s motivations or reasoning, but I question mine first.  Once I have answers as to where I am, what I’m thinking and feeling, then I ask questions of the other individual.  Their answers relieve my mind considerably even if they aren’t answers I wish to hear.

Knowing gives you such power, protection, perception.  I guess my thought on this is to ask the question, accept the answer and then move on.

I had to mention this in response to Elaine’s prose for the day.  Those of us that take responsibility seem to question ourselves first, others secondly.  Without answers, we will tend to feel guilty, take on unnecessary blame and carry a lifelong burden that isn’t ours to carry.

I have to mention how proud I am of any individual able and willing to look in the mirror and face themselves and the painful truths of what life was dishing out, what they’ve overcome, and continue forward. Able to move forward with the knowledge of who they really are, the depth within.



Nathan 149

Jim was nowhere to be seen when they re-entered through the side door.  Odd!  They went in search of their parents and found them working on the puzzle.

“Good morning my lovelies, how are you?”

“Good. Jenna and I were dancing to some new music she’s put together, it is absolutely exquisite.”

“I heard a little of it earlier when I passed by but I didn’t want to disturb the creative process so I kept going, but it sounded heavenly.  Seems to me she’s got a winner there,”  Jake responded.

“Did you really like it dad?”

“Yeah, there’s something completely appealing about it, draws you in.  It sure did me.”

“You guys had breakfast yet?”

“No, just coffee, but my tummy is rumbling so I figured I’d have to do something about that.”

“How does home-made pancakes with true maple syrup sound along with a side of sausages and bacon?”

“I’m in.”  Jake rose from the table and said,” I’ll get started on the bacon.”

In the kitchen he asked about Nathan and whether Emma knew anything more than what Jim had explained.

“No, I don’t.”  She sighed heavily.  “Not quite sure what to make of that.”

“I’m sure Nathan’s got a lot of irons in the fire and he’s busy with that.  He’ll contact you soon as he can.”

“Yeah, I look forward to it.”

Jessop was displeased.  His efforts had worked but not as well as he’d expected.  He stomped around the weight room.  He’d hoped to divide and conquer and get his hands on the Banks family, Emma in particular that despicable little… he wasn’t sure what term to use.  Troublemaker too tame, since she was beautiful, well bitch!  She’d screwed up his plans and his life.  He’d have to come up with something equally compelling to make her pay.

Nathan’s unlimited resources were making this far more difficult to accomplish than he’d anticipated.  Time to call in the heavy hitters.  It would be a one-time payoff, more than he’d bargained on, but it would work.  It had to.

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