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Tendrils of silken hair

As if from nowhere she’d appear

Tracing my face with fingertips

A gentle touch of her lips

Soothing comforting caring

Love and affection sharing

Nowhere I’d rather be

But beside her eagerly

A part of the love she offered

Sitting beside her in her rocker

This gentle tender soul so giving

Sharing insights about living

A life so full of all that could be

If only I took hold of opportunity

Always there supporting me never alone

Nothing ever for which to atone

I miss her gentle kind nature

Forever my muse my humble teacher

Of truth wisdom care and love

Remembering you I’ll never tire of






A Fountain of Affection



Whether it be family or friends

Never treat them as bookends

Keep them close in your heart

Never from their love depart

A fountain of affection and care

With you they will gratefully share

You mean more than you’ll ever know

Even if occasionally they might not show

How special and treasured you are

Much about you they certainly admire

You have much to offer them all

Cherished words shared that enthrawl

It may seem insignificant and natural to you

The little acts of kindness you do

That add up to mountains full of feeling

You are always delightful, endearing














Natty is a very old word

And clearly not often heard

It mans chic elegant snazzy

Nothing here that’s trashy

Coiffed to perfection

In the latest collection

Clean tidy well put together

Completely lovely, altogether






Bright and Clear

The day dawned bright and clear

Oh what a beautiful sight

It filled her with great cheer

Her spirits lifted it was a highlight

Sitting in the early morning sun

Peace and tranquility were hers

Coffee in hand it was a home run

Creative juices flowing stirred

A delightful beginning to set the day

Nothing to rain on her parade

No errands to run, a mini holiday

As she faced the day happily unafraid






For years we were taught to be uniform

Go with the flow dont rock the boat conform

Now we’re encouraged think outside the box

Be fresh believe the impossible remove the blocks

A uniform for school the armed forces and style

Wearing what others wear it’s fashion

In hair styles, clothing, shoes a passion

Held in the uniform of what we chose to wear

Often worn with decorum and so much flair

Are we really that much different today

Our music a standard sound with no melee

Uniform in thought and design

What makes it yours what makes it mine

Perhaps it’s the pride with which we wear

What we choose with great fanfare




Shopping Malls



I cannot walk a long distance

I often require assistance

In the mall I ride a cart

Oh be still my beating heart

The sites I see at kid level

Nothing here in which to revel

All I see as I ride on through

A bunch of arses who knew

Kids act out in malls regularly

Now I understand why exactly

The problem I identified

Never shall I brush aside

So like “Silly Old Sod”

Although it might look odd

We play silly games

Never the experience the same



Dinosaur Hunting – Ode to Silly old Sod!

I loved your piece so much, that this little ditty popped instantly into my head.  Hope you enjoy and don’t think it is an invasion on your piece.  I was completely captivated by it 🙂


It was a day full of cheer

Everyone grinning ear to ear

Watching searching for

That elusive dinosaur

Hiding lurking sneaking about

Where was he hiding, move out!

We’ll capture him at the corner

He can be such a charmer

Look left, look right

I have him in my sight

Get him grandpa your bigger than me

I can’t capture more than a knee

Grandpa jumped into the fray

It was indeed a glorious day!




She’d never felt more distant

Nothing short of brilliant

Every emotion subjucated

No longer to be debated

Clearly clinically able to solve

The dilemna now facing all

Able momentarily to stall

Table her love and end the siege

Diving into the breech

A solution all could believe in

Honest true and without spin

Even though her heart now ached

Knowing the cost she’d not escaped

Daring hoping he’d understand

Her inability to speak beforehand

Her sideways glance saw the shock

A smile twitched as he took stock

Of what she’d accomplished

A war on two turfs averted






Ode to a Friend

musical notes


The sun shone brightly overhead

Not a shadow of doubt nor any dread

To mar the delight of this event

On which much time had been spent

More it was an ode to a long lost friend

Responsible for many books penned

About life death, love and hope

On a never before seen scope

People often listened to her sage words

As healing to their soul as fragrant herbs

Too often it seemed acknowledgement came

Too late in this world came the acclaim

Still her words would live on

Never more would they be forgotten




Living as our True Selves

We never know what others are or have suffered.  I wrote this after reading Liza’s blog today.  It was full of truth and surprise.


The hope lies in trying

In living and defying

The odds that say no

Standing tall after the blow

Refreshing life and understanding

With strength and friends banding

Against the hurt pain and sorrow

Continuing strong and more so grow

Into a life that is worth living

Laughing sharing and giving

When we can and when we should

To friends family and neighbourhood




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