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Nathan 141


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Now to begin his campaign against Nathan.  He secretly met with various captains and planted ideas he desired circulated on different levels hinting at scandal, corruption, involvement in clandestine ventures too numerous to mention, covert operations involving individuals from other countries.  “Yes indeed, there were many facets to the man the community knew as Nathan, and he had no problem besmirching his name or character to remain a few steps ahead of him.

Unfortunately, Emma Banks was another matter.  Her life was very public and he couldn’t bring the same kind of pressure to bear.  That didn’t mean he couldn’t attack the credibility of members of her family.  He set about bringing snippets of information about Jenna Banks former lover’s death to light, hinting that she knew more than she’d admitted.  Hints that once fused were automatically accepted as credible weren’t necessarily true,  people were sheep enjoying innuendo readily accepting eager to believe the worst and perpetuating it, even if it was unfounded or untrue.

He sat back in his chair, pleased with his accomplishments.  “Yes, let’s see how you quell the shots, Nathan.  You’ll be so busy covering your bases you won’t have time to continue attacks on me.  That should give me breathing room.”

His next step in character assassination involved Daniel Banks.  Sure he’d been dismissed from the army due to his loss of sight, but it could be easily hinted he’d chosen to walk away because he was a weasel and couldn’t stomach the job assigned.  It would throw enough dirt his way to make colleagues and friends question his integrity. Something else to dissuade Emma Banks surely.  The good name of her family at stake would halt her step if not stop her in her tracks.  If not, there were other means at his disposal that could be used.  The more he attacked their character, the less credibility they’d have later and served his purpose perfectly.


  1. Sheryl says:

    Oooooh! Very nice, the stealthy non physical attack. That will leave them scrambling for certain. Now that is how to make someone bad… evil.


    • That makes me smile, delightfully. It’s not easy writing from that angle but it opens up several avenue so it works. hehe thank you Sheryl, always. I delight in your responses and suggestions and all the help you provide on your site. I enjoy you daily. 🙂


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