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Nathan 29


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Nathan found himself completely relaxed in Emma’s home.  It was inviting, with an edge, modern, stylish and comfortable.  He could relax here. The richly plush white sofa with its roll-end arms although large didn’t dwarf the room.  The accompaniments from the coffee to the end tables consisted of narrow metal frames and floating glass panels, were placed sporadically around the room.  Each held a lamp with silver spheres and black shades.

An interesting floor to ceiling glass wall divided the living room from the dining area and although painted a glossy black, in no way diminished the room.

His glance roved as his artistic eye delighted in the placement of the other furniture. The floor to ceiling curtains elegantly finished the room.  The painting he’d given her hung on a narrow wall near the entrance, and she’d taken care to angle the track lighting above the front door so it delicately shone over its surface.  The picture glowed.  Emma managed to make it pop and it became all  your eyes feasted upon.  There was much to Emma, considerable depths.  Not only did she notice and appraise she had a knack for embellishment that rivaled any suggestion he could have come up with. It was perfection.
Emma was sitting in a large square red fabric covered chair.  She smiled as she watched Nathan’s inspection.  “I take it you like what you see.”
Sliding forward he half stood and pulled her across the  narrow space and onto his lap. “Indeed, I do, very much.”
“Why don’t I think you’re talking about my furnishings?”  She laid a kiss on his brow and traveled down his cheek to his mouth teasing his lip before nipping gently and tugging.  That’s all the incentive Nathan needed.  Picking her up, he lifted her and asked, “Which way?”
Emma nodded in the general direction of the bedroom as she reigned kisses along his neck.  Nathan maneuvered carefully past a side-board and entered a room that reflected Emma beautifully.  The richer more solid furniture with a hint of floral in the pattern was somehow perfect.  It wasn’t overly feminine but subtlely hinted and enticed.  Very reminiscent of Emma herself.
He dropped to the bed, taking her with him and they were lost in time each other and their desire.  Nothing else mattered nothing else existed.  It was them, the moment, the sharing and went beyond simple lust.

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