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Nathan 28


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Nathan arrived on time having driven his own vehicle, a white Porsche 911.  Knocking on her door,  holding a bottle of vintage white wine in the other, he waited.  When the door opened, Emma stood before him in ripped denim jeans and tee with a bowtie painted at the neck, looking every bit as elegant as if she were clad in expensive evening wear.

Stepping inside, he placed a hand around her neck, swept her close and kissed her thoroughly, wantonly, with hungry avarice.  Emma grabbed hold of his jacket lapels and hauled him still closer, wrapping herself tightly around him, her fingers raked through his hair.

“Wow, that was some greeting,” Emma remarked breathless still from their mind blowing kiss.

“It was meant to be, you deserve to be loved, pampered and always be reminded of how sultry and beautiful you are.”

“Sultry, hmmm, that’s a new one on me.”

“Then whoever you went out with in the past, were fools.  They lost someone very special.”

Nathan held out the bottled wine, “Brought you a gift.”

“More?  Believe me, you are plenty gift enough for me.”

Nathan responded by backing her against the island, “Any more of your delightful banter, and we won’t be eating …  dinner,” he promised her.

“Since I didn’t make time for more than a cup of soup at the office, I’m all for dinner.” Her remark was laced with delicate innuendo and a hint of promise.

“It smells heavenly.  What is it?”

“Nothing major, I tossed a roast with a brandy sauce in the oven and let it slow cook all day.  We have rice, a variety of vegetables and salad.”

Holding the wine up for inspection she winked, “You chose wisely.”

It took him a moment to understand, then he remembered the famous line from Indiana Jones.  “Smart ass.”

“I resemble that remark, occasionally.”

He opened the wine to allow it to breathe, “Speaking of which, how long before dinner?”

“Probably twenty minutes, why?”

“Just contemplating other pursuits for the interim that might whip up an appetite.”

“Nathan, listen, I know you, it won’t stop there and dinner will be spoiled.  Besides, patience is good for the soul.  Might even heighten the experience.”

She sauntered to her dvd collection and plucked a quiet sultry piece of music to listen to while she finished preparations for dinner.

“How long has Jim worked for you?  You give him the night off?  I noticed you drove yourself here. Lovely car by the way.”

“He has the night off, yes.  Couldn’t have the man sitting out front all night.  What would the neighbours think?”

“Oh yes, the neighbours, there’s a concern.”  She laughed.  “I’m sure old Mrs. Graydon could care less.  Although she may hobble out and offer the man a few cookies.”

Nathan smirked, “Seriously?”

“Yes, she’s quite a delightful personality.”

Nathan leaned back against the counter as Emma placed the food lovingly in beautiful dishes and finished setting the table.

While they ate, he marveled, “Wow, this is pretty spectacular.”

“I love good food, and I love to cook when I have enough time.”

“I love watching you eat.  You turn everything you eat into an experience.  I find I even enjoy my own food more.  You make me feel I’ve missed something and I want to know what you taste.”

“The aroma gets me first.  Then the texture, and then I savour the taste.  Eating should be an event.  Not something you rush through so you can get on with your day.”




  1. Sheryl says:

    First that picture! I stared at it for fifteen seconds just blown away. Second. I am loving this story.


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