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Critical Error 86


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They watched the group until they were but dots and wandered back inside.  Paul noted the men and women surrounding the perimeter of the property and silently nodded approval knowing they were in good hands.

Inside with the door closed gently behind them, he took Eilea in his arms.  “It’s been too long since we had alone time.”  He nuzzled her neck with his nose and then his lips.

“You up for this champ?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I’ll remind you of that when your head is banging like it has a sledge hammer inside.”

“Worth the wait and the agony.”

Eilea backed him into the bedroom and shut the door leaning back to lock it.  “Now, as you were saying?”  She shoved him gently on the bed and for a brief second, he had second thoughts until she landed on top of him and erased all thought completely and emotion took over.

By the time the others returned, they were cuddled together on the couch and his head lay on Eilea’s lap.  “You ok champ?”

“Never better.  I could get used to lazing about if this is how it’s going to be.”  He winked.

Following a sigh, Eilea said, “I’ve never been a ‘wait for the other shoe to drop’ type of gal.  I usually take it on the chin and move on after making whatever decisions were necessary, but I now know how the other half feels.”

“Patience if a virtue! but having said that, I’m with you.  Although I’m a patient type, have to be in my line of work since it often includes plenty of downtime, I’d rather this miscreant made his move so we can catch him.  Then I can really show you a good time.”  He winked suggestively.

“Can’t wait!”  Eilea ruffled his hair gently, mindful of how tender his head still was.

“I’ve been trying to come up with something new to do, something we haven’t done yet.”

“I beg of you, give it another day, my poor beleaguered head needs one more day before I start romping around,” Paul suggested.

“Oh I don’t know, that romp earlier seemed to go well.”  She couldn’t help but laugh at his expression of shock and dismay.

“What?  There was something wrong with my technique?”

“Quite the opposite,”  Eilea quickly assured him.

“Seriously, Paul, what do you think he’ll try next?  He’s not stupid, he knows there are officers here, has to, especially after attacking you, (and he managed to break through the lines) I’d imagine that’s got to embolden him somewhat. That begs the question as to what we should do next.  How do we draw him in (out) whatever…to catch him.  He’s definitely not stupid and takes risks when he knows he can get away with it.”

“We’ll think of something, Eilea, give me a day or two though.  I’d rather forgo another knock on the head just yet.  As delightful as you are, I’d rather not see two of you continuously.  I quite enjoy centering all my attention on just you.”  His quip while meant to be amusing brought home just how serious the situation was and could become.


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