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Critical Error 80


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Caution was the name of the game.  There was much at stake here.  Obviously, the cops were involved.  He’d been stupid to make such an overt attack on the kids, but he seriously didn’t believe they’d make a connection.  Still, he’d allowed anger to overrule judgment.  It was a costly mistake.  Then the “gift” that too had not been a rational move on his part, but it drove the point home, so it was justified.  It just meant he’d have to be more cautious, bide his time, make note of who what where when so he could use the current situation to his advantage.

He lagged behind manouvering from lane to lane, sometimes closer sometimes further back.  It was imperative that he not attract attention at this point.  Still, he found himself pushing forward until he could catch a glimpse of her.  It was a dangerous but exciting game, he decided.  A sideline he was enjoying; cat and mouse, but he’d never expected nor anticipated this level of excitement.  So far he’d done rather well he decided, beating them at their own game.  Proved something.  Proved he was smart, adept, good at the game.  Perhaps he’d missed his calling all this time.

He pulled his hat low and stepping on the gas, passed by the truck and quickly looked inside then zoomed on by and they were forced to fall in behind.  He checked the rearview mirror.  They were chatting amiably it seemed.  He must put a stop to this.  Something.  Come on, think of something!





  1. Oh wow, now I really want to know what he’ll do!
    Such a lovely piece 🙂


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