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Nathan 40


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Emma felt stiffer the following morning.  Parts of her body she’d taken for granted were screaming for attention today.  Sauntering into the living room, with it’s attached solarium and a lovely view of the inner garden, she relaxed on the oversized chair.

Dragging her laptop with her, she started searching to see if she could find any more information on the events surrounding Sylvia’s demise.  The Newspaper articles she’d scanned didn’t offer much more than she’d obtained at the time.  One reporter, however, suggested it was related to organized crime.  That was an avenue she’d have to look into. The reporter was Robert Marks.  She wondered whether this was sensationalism, or whether he had any proof to back up his statement.

Picking up the phone, Emma looked up the Newspaper’s phone number and dialed.  Shockingly, it was to find that Robert Marks had died, in a hit and run accident within a month of writing the article.  Emma clicked the phone off and stared off into space.  Coincidence or retaliation?  Was he onto something?  Was he silenced as a result or was it a random act.

Emma went back to the computer and dug up details regarding the accident.  According to eye witnesses. Mr. Marks had parked his vehicle and was crossing the street when a car careening around the corner slammed into him and his injuries were so great he died at the scene of the accident.  He was 28 years old, single but engaged. They were to be married the following year.  His intended was Sandra Frazer.

Another careening vehicle.  Another death.

Nathan returned a few minutes later, placed a kiss on top of her head and hunkered down to search her face.  “How are you feeling, Emma?”

“Stiff, I’m incredibly stiff.”

Lifting her hands in his he asked, “Something’s bothering you, what is it?”

“You know me too well, Nathan.”  Her smile filled with affection.  Then starkly halted as she stated, “It seems you could be right about Sylvia’s death.”

Taking the seat beside her, he turned to face her, “How so?”

With a head to toe shiver, she thoughtfully filled him in on what she’d discovered.

“So, the plot thickens.”

“I need to follow up with Mr. Marks, find out if his notes are still available, or if anyone else thought his death was suspicious or not.  It means interviewing all the witnesses who claimed to have seen the accident.  More than that, I’ll have to interview his fiancee.  That won’t be pleasant, could be very grim in fact.”

“Give it a day or two, Emma, and when you’re feeling a little more comfortable, I’ll go with you.  We’ll do this together.”

“Why Nathan, don’t you have confidence in my abilities?” she asked as she quirked her head sideways.

“Certainly!” Then he countered with, “If someone else is involved, I feel the need to protect that beautiful body of yours.  I have a vested interest after all.”

“Aaah, sex.  I see.”  Her smile teased.


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