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Bridge (2)


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Some people have such an elegant way

Of bridging the gap and therefore allay

Concerns or fears or shy retreat

Through loving words and care so sweet

Encouraging, enlisting strength to meet

The daily rigors of life continually upbeat

Never defeated by life’s demands

Full force they greet the day and understand

There is life and joy and fulfillment to be had

If only we reach out a helping hand

To those too innocent to stand alone

Ushered through life too easily blown

Speared by judgment and power abused

The strong will bridge the gap unexcused

To help the young blossom and grow

And reach yet another large plateau

Of confidence, footing assured

Passing the baton reassured

The knowledge assistance had

Shall leave the tender shoots clad

In a more sure-footed attitude

To reach man or womanhood










  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    Beautiful words ❤️


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