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  1. In a blog I posted earlier, I mentioned under the title “radical” some “radical ideas” such as the Millennium Seed Bank Project, Engineering Solutions for Ocean Cleanups, Milan’s Vertical Forest Skyscrapers, Community Supported Agriculture and Rooftop Farming as examples of forward thinking regarding our environment.

    The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is the largest ex situ plant conservation programe in the world. The focus is on global plant life faced with the threat of extinction and plants of most use for the future. The seeds saved are conserved in seed banks as an insurance against the risk of extinction in their native habitat.

    The network of partners involves 80 countries, and they have successfully banked over 13% of the world’s wild plant species. With your help, we are going to save 25% of those species with bankable seeds by 2020 (75,000 species). We target plants and regions most at risk from the ever-increasing impact of human activities, including land use and climate change.

    Please visit the website, of which I have paraphrased above, to learn more, about how we as individuals can participate in this project.


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