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Prisoner On Holiday – Release


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I am excited hopeful and admittedly a little nervous about announcing the release of my novel, Prisoner On Holiday.


Released at Smashwords

Why you may ask?  Because there is a baring of the soul, a releasing of what once was just yours, a sharing of personal thoughts, emotions, and not a little blood sweat and tears along the way and even a little bit of doubt, or perhaps fear.  Fear that what you’ve committed to isn’t quite up to snuff, not quite “there”.  It’s the releasing of your baby, your child.  Ive vacillated back and forth from the position of “spectacular” to having lived with each novel long enough to momentarily lose interest or foresight because I’ve read and re-read each word a hundred thousand times until they become meaningless and trivial.  At this point, it was necessary to step back, put it away for a few days or weeks as the case may be, and read with fresh eyes.

Having said that, I’ve pushed upward and onward to brave what must come.

I am hopeful,expectant and confident.  I hope all of my family and followers will agree with my current assessment of this book and the others that will follow.  Please enjoy and as they say, if your happy, tell others, if your not, tell me.  I have to snicker at that one, couldn’t help it.


Take care, enjoy.

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