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lol I have to admit my first thought was the rhyme we used to hear as kids, “Pink pink you stink”  then the artist, Pink


Red roses the promise of love

Or a first pair of boxing gloves

Yellow denotes friendship and more

Mischief achieved on the dance floor

Pink flowers innocent and sweet

Or perhaps annoying prickly heat

White the purity clear and light

Oh what a bouquet of delight

Every flower a reminder of

Moments spent with you, my love

Indeed a truly welcome sight

My heart immediately took flight

For there upon the kitchen table

Stood a story and not a fable

Ever captured in colourful array

Fills me with joy an instant replay

Of all the moments we have enjoyed

A spectrum of life that will never be destroyed









Related image

A mystical magical wonderland

It seemed as though it were planned

White crystal glistening snow

All around them the world was aglow

Bedazzling gemstones covered the earth

Their sparkle delicate giving birth

To pleasure and laughter and much mirth

The first snowfall silent and white

Stillness hovered under moonlight

Oh how beautiful the landscape was

Loudly welcomed with resounding applause

An inch or two of fluffy white flakes

Turned the countryside into eerie shapes

Everyone’s wish for a white Christmas

Staring out the window in warm pajamas

Children eagerly running to play in the snow

While amongst decorations hung the mistletoe

And for now twas such a romantic scene

With snow filled branches of evergreen

The panorama now bathed in a mystical cloak

Filling their hearts with memories to invoke

Of the first perfect snowfall, that would not last

Soon forgotten and relegated to the past







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