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Change brings about many good things

No need to hide beneath silver wings

Though you may feel vulnerable

And sometimes a mite uncomfortable

It often comes with a breakthrough

Depending upon your point of view

Others embrace change and fly

Looking ahead with eager eye

Not seeing a cavern or abyss

Moving forward with avid bliss

With wind beneath your wings

You can accomplish so many things

Opportunities too often denied

Those unwilling and pushed aside

Seeing only a precipice

That could completely envelop us













We were young, just twenty-one

Yet I knew you were the one

Stardust once was in my eyes

My love for you I vocalized

Together as one you and I

Forever together do or die

So certain we would last for years

Sadly drowning in an ocean of tears

Romantic illusions broken and crushed

Around me, all have turned to dust

Pick myself up and dust myself off

Trying not at true love to scoff

Other possibilities before me lay

Perhaps a true love I’ll find one day












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The heart fills with desire, it wants what it wants

That which is attainable, that which is not, haunts

Leading us astray from what is acceptable

Into foreign lands so vulnerable, susceptible

Often a balance we seek between the two

Whispers of truth acknowledged, bid adieu

Follow our heart, follow our mind

Sometimes in neither, satisfaction find

Still flames of desire build and overcomes

Sensibility, longing, craving reality becomes

Until sated by desire’s passionate determination

That little slice of cake is our only salvation






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The interminable power of words

To tear apart or act as healing herbs

Serving as salve on old pain and hurt

Gracious words our fears now thwart


Over exposure of heart and soul

Long held together by self-control

Leaving us vulnerable and exposed

Because of all we gently disclosed

Humbly, openly, fearfully shared

With someone trusted and revered

Knowing that the depths of caring

Will continue never wavering

Taking that chance to be open

Leaving us whole not broken









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