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Natty is a very old word

And clearly not often heard

It mans chic elegant snazzy

Nothing here that’s trashy

Coiffed to perfection

In the latest collection

Clean tidy well put together

Completely lovely, altogether









My first thought was flippant, “Of all the things I miss the most, I miss my mind.” An oldy but a goody. Snickers loudly.

For many, Christmas is a time of family, friends, togetherness, sharing and involvement.

This ode is for those who have someone missing.

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I look for you and you’re not there

A distant memory now filled with care

Oh how we loved laughed and joked

Moments in time quickly evoked

By songs or artists equally shared

A shadow of your smile lingers, flared

Long since forgotten any contretemps

Only distant thoughts of attempts

Memories made to warm the hearts

Gathered together like puzzle parts

Placed together to form a picture

Complete with form and structure

A delightful moment in time together

All the more special such an adventure

To be recalled upon a moment’s notice

Your presence in my life a bonus

You will never go missing my friend

For recollections of you forever penned

In songs and games and many refrains

Long remembered you shall remain








The Fray – Look After You November Songs

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I want you in my life, come with me

Thou’ I’m sure we won’t always agree

I’ll take care of you and you of me

And we shall together always be

I’ll support you be your shoulder

If you’re ever feeling insecure

You’ll be the rock that grounds

All the thoughts that abound

Together we support each other

Always seeking the answers together

Brave Enough Lindsey Stirling & Christina Perri

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Brave Enough is about regret and fear and lack of courage.

Once upon a time we were good together

We were in love and lived without pressure

Every day I viewed as a delightful treasure

Our love trust and romance new no measure

Suddenly it was disappearing like smoke on the water

Bittersweet as your touch I shall always remember

We enjoyed such depths, passion and great joy

All of these were ours to have hold and enjoy

If only we had the courage to be brave

Speak the truth and therefore pave

The way for those precious moments to enfold

Together our love as rich as precious gold

And continue on this lifelong journey unending

Along the way we had become condescending

If only we had been brave enough to stare our fears in the face

All the concerns, fears, worries, and doubts to embrace

Perhaps our love to this day would still live

If only we could have been brave enough to give

Full measure of honesty pure and sweet

Our hearts would still be complete









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A word of beauty, strength, solidarity and hope.  For together we have weathered all manner of storms.  As one we are strong, together we are mighty!  This vigil of life we undertake, and whether daily or nightly, we offer protection and sanctuary to those we love.  Understanding abounds when we face the onslaught of all that comes our way.  We clap our hands tightly and hold firm so any attack seen or not, we quelled.  The unity in this word binds us together as one.  Nothing shall stay the love we hold dear. Job changes aplenty would frighten many, but not us, they were cause for celebration. Together we have gained perspective and appreciation for all the sacrifice and pleasure we attained.

As one we are strong, together we are mighty

This vigil we undertake, whether daily or nightly

To offer protection to those we love

An umbrella of devotion up above

Our clasped hands tight and firmly held

An onslaught though unseen we quelled

Jobs changes and relocations

Became  delightful celebrations

Together we have gained perspective

Strength solidarity and hope were not elective

Summed up by appreciation and affection

Our life a wonderful reflection

Of what we can share and accomplish, together.









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