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The sun shone down from heaven

Joy and peace in her expression

Satisfaction in this lovely spring

A simple but temporary thing

For soon it would be summer

No time in which to slumber

She revelled in the knowledge

Forgiveness she acknowledged

Her last few hours written down

Before the final potent showdown

Twas a bitter end to a young life

She’d never become someone’s wife

Still, she stood for all she believed

And with honour she now cleaved

Standing tall, tilting her head up high

She gazed upon the morning sky

It’s now my turn to leave this earth

Though not welcome counting on the worth

I accept my fate upon this date

She’d not allow them to dictate

Remembered now in quiet verse

This was surely her last upon this earth

All was temporary she knew

She joined the songbird that now flew

Her soul forever now at rest

Solace in knowing she’d done her very best



Colours and You

Many were interested in how colour works for you.

I’ll add a little more and hopefully, this will make it easier for you to discern if you’re interested which colour best suits you.

Winter – Stark white or black

Heritage plays a big part in colours.  Of course these aren’t fast rules as we are a mixture of nationalities but for the most part, Europeans, Asians, East Indian and some Native Indians (with ink black hair) are winters as are many with dark brown hair.  Dark brown or chocolate coloured eyes

Summer – Powder blue, Dark chocolate brown

Blonds or brunettes with “ash” highlights with green or hazel eyes (translucent skin tones) some brown eyes

Spring – Periwinkle blue

Blonds, brunettes with soft brown or blue eyes some green but with gold flecks

Autumn- Orange (like the fruit)

Dark brown hair, or hair with red or auburn highlights or bright red hair (usually) eyes can vary from brown to golden brown, cognac

These are very basic descriptions.

If you wrap an article of clothing or scarf around your neck, hiding all other colours and look directly at your face (and any “flaws” you wish to hide disappear) this is your colour.  If said flaws are accentuated, then it’s not your colour. If you look drained, tired, washed out, this won’t be a colour for you.

Hope this helps.


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