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My knees were weak

I could not speak

My tongue was stuck

As if moonstruck

Unable to answer

Oh what a disaster

As interviews go

I was not a pro

How to get out of this mess

In one piece no less

I pictured them in long underwear

The mood was set I finished with flair








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On many occasions, I have been tempted

E’en though my words might be rejected

To speak my mind, say what I mean

The truth is the truth, nought in between

On many occasions, I have been tempted

To partake of that delicious piece of dessert

Though it would quickly to my hips transport

It smells so heavenly, looks so divine

I’m sure the flavour is simply sublime

Tempted on occasions too many to recount

Steadfast remain, I remind myself throughout

For though the temptation often is great

The resultant problems it would create

Must be considered part of the equation

Inner turmoil overcome, it is self-determination










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