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Those without roots, always adrift

Never belonging life is makeshift

Wandering roaming, minute fragments

No solidarity with no attachments

Gathering no dust, not settled or part

Of what makes up life, right from the start

Roots give us essence as human beings

Evidence of generations never fleeting

For some it is everything knowing they belong

While for others it just a melody in a song











Are you my champion

Or just an aberration

I look and you appear

You whisper in my ear

Words soft and oh so clear

Full of heartwarming cheer

I want to believe in my heart

You will always stay never depart

You remain yet never age

No longer words on a page

Oh my love my true champion

Of all I believe captured in song





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Much of what we see today

Once was a craft in its infancy

Delights, thrills, touches our heart

Appeal, exciting in every part

Screenplay, song, poem or movie

All have the power to renew me

Blankets knitted or crocheted

With loving care delicately made

A doctor’s skilled hands that glide

In his work, he takes great pride

A roadside mechanic servicing a car

Whether a humble Toyota or a Jaguar

A craft is a skill brought to perfection

By people willing to take direction

Until their craft was whole and complete

Fulfilled and happy, no need to compete




















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Once we were close and then you were gone

Along with precious moments of our liaison

You are a song in my heart filled and overflowing

Never forgotten with memories ongoing

Your laughter, your humour, your delightful smile

Are carried along down life’s many paths for miles

So although physically you are no longer here

You will never be forgotten and never disappear


Black Lab -Some Peace November Songs

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There was a time the sun shone strong and bright

It’s all that I lived for, it gave me strength and might

Then one day an unforgivable mistake

The constant pain now gives me a bellyache

Nothing can undo the ache for you

It killed something and now we’re through

I live in constant darkness, now so alone

Living with consequences, unable to atone

May you have peace and freedom from

Agony I have caused, to leave you calm

So the sunshine beating down so strong

Wraps you forever in its beauteous song

Recreational by Aaron Krauss November Songs

This is a song about regrets and taking responsibility especially when there are doubts. Leaving when it’s over because it’s better.

There was so much that should be said

This isn’t at all what was intended

Even though you were right beside me

Your love shining ever brightly

I couldn’t see you for the forest

For in my life I was but a tourist

My heart belonged to another

I never meant to make you suffer

I didn’t realize you were the rebound

Or another I would have found

We talked about hopes dreams beliefs

All the while from your lips dripped deceit

You should have walked long ago

Your fake love not on any other bestow

Get your head on straight

Before you open loves gate

So your heart full with love you could give

And each of you thereby happily live

The joy that was meant to be

Shared intensely earnestly





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