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Isn’t it exciting how many things can influence ‘mood’.  A beautiful snowfall fresh and new fills children with excitement as they eagerly dress warmly to make snow angels as adults partake in an enthusiastic snowball fight.  A crackling fire in the fireplace sets the tone for a relaxed comfortable evening filling you with a warm glow.

Perhaps a dark overcast sky sets the tone for a chapter in your novel, either ominous and eerily compelling denoting danger, or as the forerunner for villainous antics or denotes an upcoming storm that reeks havoc on your hero’s efforts to save the day.

A warm summer sky and you’re on your way to fun and games on the shore or swimming and playing games in the pool or happily skiing on a clear smooth lake complete with picnic.

Suddenly a favourite character becomes sullen, angry, depressed or moody as a dilemma suddenly threatens to overtake their security and they act out accordingly.

Most probably it’s a teenager going through the throws of becoming an adult, happy one moment, somber or morose the next, the world as they know it is coming to an end as a friendship fizzles or an eminent breakup is about to occur.

I think Eeyore was my all time favourite moody type and the voice simply enhanced his persona. Related imageRelated image

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

Aaaanyway, hope you enjoyed my take on “moody” types. Wink wink nudge nudge hey hey!








Many situations may seem uncompromisingly complicated, until we unravel them.

Every complicated situation has a beginning and an end.  Some are of our own making and in our own mind, and we suddenly find the answer and wonder why we thought “it” was so complicated in the first place.

A child comes to you with knotted hair, an elastic entwined, and you settle down and carefully untangle the webs nest gently moving the offending piece of elastic until the knot is gone and the hair becomes tangle free.

Complicated is a puzzle.  We start somewhere, anywhere, and work our way back and forth until we find a beginning and an end result that makes sense. Suddenly, whatever confounded us, is no longer complicated.

The universe is complicated spectacularly brilliantly.  Scientists have thought pondered examined and puzzled on it’s make up eventually finding startling results that create answers and often even more questions.  Still the quest goes on.

Relationships get complicated when we don’t understand another persons point of view or stand on a topic or situation of extreme value to  us.  Suddenly it’s complicated. Why don’t they understand? Emotions get in the way walls go up suddenly we aren’t speaking freely any more fearing perhaps a confrontation or negative response.  The result, “it’s complicated.”

In reality, complications are either solved and answers found to our satisfaction, or we are in a position to understand it or we stop moving freely.


My personal definition would have to include conviction, determination,self-confidence, a positive attitude and self-belief.  Those characteristics would make you unstoppable on a personal level – on any level.

Have you ever watched a train forge ahead, plowing through mounds of snow?  It is unstoppable.  Or perhaps a child’s determination as they attempt to perfect that as yet unreachable cartwheel or handstand?  What about men and women who take on the unimaginable such as fire fighters or police and hundreds of other professionals like doctors and nurses?  Then there’s us, the individuals, overcoming insurmountable odds whether its mental physical or emotion and who rise to new heights.

Sometimes events for whatever reason take on a life of their own and gather momentum until they become unstoppable.

We are and can be unstoppable.  The only one standing in our way, is us.

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