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Oh what a pickle I am in

As I laugh a toothy grin

Time is short and I must hurry

I race around and I scurry

Looking for the purse I cannot find

Surely it’s not been left behind

I cast my mind on back

The lights were off it was pitch black

The moment when I had it last

Within my grasp and held fast

It has all I need tucked within

I must find it patience wearing thin

I’m already late for this important date

This could not be an act of fate

The dilemma I now face

Acting with good grace

I stand and peer around

Thank god it’s on the ground

Tis now held within my hand

Only dropped it in the sand

When I saw two men I adore

Walking toward me on the shore

I must run and I must hide

They must not know what is inside

Tickets to the latest show

Both have given me, in the know

How much I love the opera

Good god is this a soap opera

When once upon a time I was alone

I now juggle two men I adore

Neither one I wish to ignore

Oh what a pickle I am in

For only one my heart will win










We are such amusing and downright funny creatures.  Have you noticed that?  Sometimes it’s hilariously funny.  We will attempt to carry all the groceries to the house in one go and inevitably drop something and we kick it to the door instead. Thinking all the while,  “I got this!”

We pick up several small items, but drop them again and again and again, redoubling our efforts in our attempt to pick up every last piece of whatever, in one go. “I got this, I got this!”

What of the macho man who can carry the king sized mattress all by himself and struggles against all odds, to maneuver the unwieldy thing up that long twisting flight of stairs to the bedroom and falls flat on top of it, job well done!  “I got this, I got this!”

No matter how difficult the struggle involved once begun, it must be won!  Determination sets in and now by god we ARE gong to do it. In every instance, we congratulate ourselves and feel accomplished, then silly when we realize we really should have asked for help, or made that second trip because it would have been far easier.

Indeed, I use these examples to highlight how funny and silly we all can be when we attempt to “carry” any load by ourselves when help is at hand.




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