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So many thoughts, so many possibilities.

Almost imperceptibly it began.   Slowly goosebumps rose, then the hair on my arms stood tall, finally the shivers began.  They started gently, first rolling into quivers and finally shivers.  They gripped my body until my teeth chattered as my body shook uncontrollably.

Shivers always warned trouble was formidably close.  I’d long ago learned to listen, listen carefully. Heed the warning given in advance, so there was time enough time to prepare, move out and away.  That time was here!  It was time to run, run fast, hard, full out.  No time to lose, no time to waste.

I rose slowly, walked toward the door as nonchalantly as I was capable of.  It was essential I behave normally, my actions must remain calm, relaxed.  It was time for invisibility.  Time to disappear. The time was now!

Moving out of the room filled with hundreds of people, I glanced back hoping my movements had gone unnoticed.  Quietly, imperceptibly i sauntered, rounding the corner, then I hustled.  Opening the outside door, I ran!  Intuition told me go right, I did.  The alley was empty. Racing to my hidey hole I grabbed my gear my steps became a jaunt, my focus on the street ahead.  I slowed, then halted.  Again I shivered. Move move move.  Now left, run, run faster!  My face began to glow, I ran harder faster!  My heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst through my chest.  My breathing now so laboured I could barely catch a breath, still I ran.  Finally, spent unable to continue, I ducked in behind old rusted unused garbage bins and waited for the evening to turn from dusk into a velvet landscape overhead.  My silent alarm had once again saved me from captivity or certain death.





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