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A Fountain of Affection



Whether it be family or friends

Never treat them as bookends

Keep them close in your heart

Never from their love depart

A fountain of affection and care

With you they will gratefully share

You mean more than you’ll ever know

Even if occasionally they might not show

How special and treasured you are

Much about you they certainly admire

You have much to offer them all

Cherished words shared that enthrawl

It may seem insignificant and natural to you

The little acts of kindness you do

That add up to mountains full of feeling

You are always delightful, endearing














Related image

They sailed the ocean together

Whether fair or foul weather

Radiant sunrises, bold sunsets

Getting up early, setting the nets

Sated with a plethora of variety

Life filled with spontaneity

A life-long dream theirs to share

Life was serene, beyond compare





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