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If this were our last day on earth

Would we cut to the chase, unearth

The things that are truly important

Skip all the rest as totally redundant

Spend our last moments with friends and lovers

No longer willing to simply hover

Be in the moment not wasting time

Giving our best right down the line

Filling our soul and those we treasure

With warmth and love beyond measure

One last thought filled with the purest of love

Our last moments, time we made good use of.

This is in response to Liza’s dream.


Bespoke Nathan 75


Image result for pictures of bespoke

Nathan was looking forward to meeting Emma’s family.  He’d grown up in Maryland attended school there, knew the area well and it was where he’d spent his formative years with his parents Gillian and Franklin along with his only brother Seth.  Returning to Maryland held bittersweet memories.

His parents had owned several properties throughout Maryland and had been on an outing with his older brother when an accident took their lives.  He’d been twenty when they departed this earth.  The pain had been intolerable.  His entire family of origin wiped off the face of the earth in a freak accident that left him bereft and angry.  At first he’d acted out wildly and profusely until an uncle took him under his wing and showed him a better way to deal with all that he’d lost.

Uncle Maynard had been a godsend at a time he’d needed one most. He’d taken the angry confused and deeply hurt young man under his wing to demonstrated options, better ways of venting his fury, in positive ways that with words and deeds bespoke dignity while reflecting honesty and integrity.

He turned those vengeful feelings into a passion for justice.  Nathan regained himself and all his parents stood for and even learned to have fun and play games.  His actions amplified through words and deeds adding a greater meaning to his life and for others.

After moving to Seattle with his uncle, he’d attended university, completing  a business degree.  He’d sold most of the property his folks had owned in Maryland.  Nathan kept only one, the lakeside house they’d spent their down time in.  Those were memories he couldn’t wouldn’t walk away from. Although they still held a twinge of pain, he held onto that particular property as a constant reminder of where he’d come from.

His uncle had long since passed on as well leaving all his worldly goods to Nathan which made Nathan an incredibly wealthy man.  On his uncle’s deathbed, he’d vowed to continue down his chosen path, one his uncle sincerely approved of.







Buses and Trains Bachelor Girl November Songs


A light hearted fun song about falling under a bus, hit by a train, sunk at sea, but doing it again.


Related image

Innocent fun enjoyable pain

Young enough to do it again

Oh what heavenly delight

Rebound with all your might

Although it’s possible to get knocked down

It’s like winning the triple crown

You never told me about any of this

It certainly is heavenly bliss








I only play one online game  Admittedly I haven’t been able to play in awhile.I love this game.  You sail the ocean literally around the world.  You can join in sea battles or level your character and chat with everyone playing.  You can join a guild and play with others and it is a “free” game.  Lately it’s become more of a pay to play game.

It was obvious that there were those that were cheating. It was frustrating and discouraging.  Interestingly a discussion ensued about what a cheat could do.  I calmly and simply replied, “If you have to cheat, your not a gamer.  Because a gamer, reads up on the game, learns the intricacies and plays the game with skill.  There are many here who play with finesse.”

I’ve noticed as others play a multitude of games, it has become the “norm”.  Many cheat, create cheats, change code, whatever it takes to win.  It ruins the fun for everyone involved.  It is so terribly sad they are afraid to be real, to experience loss, and learn what true sportsmanship feels like.  A gracious winner and loser they are not.  To me, if you cheat, you lack courage, furthermore, you’ll never learn simply because you took the easy way out so you can’t lose. Some cheat and mistakenly think, I got away with it, no one noticed.  Embolden, they move on and upward, increasing the stakes.

It doesn’t stop there.   Many cheat on the job, in relationships, and their families.  They are in my opinion cheating themselves most of all.  Cheating robs you of pride, self respect and dignity.  They lose the respect trust and closeness possible with others if once they had it, and once lost, it’s can be extremely difficult to regain, can take a lifetime to repair and never to the same extent as previously enjoyed.







Many situations may seem uncompromisingly complicated, until we unravel them.

Every complicated situation has a beginning and an end.  Some are of our own making and in our own mind, and we suddenly find the answer and wonder why we thought “it” was so complicated in the first place.

A child comes to you with knotted hair, an elastic entwined, and you settle down and carefully untangle the webs nest gently moving the offending piece of elastic until the knot is gone and the hair becomes tangle free.

Complicated is a puzzle.  We start somewhere, anywhere, and work our way back and forth until we find a beginning and an end result that makes sense. Suddenly, whatever confounded us, is no longer complicated.

The universe is complicated spectacularly brilliantly.  Scientists have thought pondered examined and puzzled on it’s make up eventually finding startling results that create answers and often even more questions.  Still the quest goes on.

Relationships get complicated when we don’t understand another persons point of view or stand on a topic or situation of extreme value to  us.  Suddenly it’s complicated. Why don’t they understand? Emotions get in the way walls go up suddenly we aren’t speaking freely any more fearing perhaps a confrontation or negative response.  The result, “it’s complicated.”

In reality, complications are either solved and answers found to our satisfaction, or we are in a position to understand it or we stop moving freely.

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