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Oh that I were a reader of minds

Able to read between all the lines

Of what is truth and fiction for sure

As many lies perpetrated as pure

Indeed I might find out painful truths

Of what people think of personal views

But the road to being self-aware

Is littered with potholes takes much care

To reach the other side together in one piece

Mindful informed knowledge increased













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Encompassed brightly in nature

Many scenes rich with flavour

Can be described by this magnificent word

Perhaps the flurry of wings from a beautiful bird

Strawberries large so ripe rich and mature

It’s fruit tantalizingly succulent and pure

Often used to depict great beauty

Such as a newborn babe in infancy

Or the lusciousness of kissable lips

The beauty of once magnificent ships

The fragrance after a downpour of rain

Freshening the air our joy to sustain

An all encompassing word that captures

Sumptuous abundant elaborate exposure

We have only to open our eyes

To all that is seen and all it implies














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What is sacred in our lives is influenced

By many thoughts, beliefs in continuance

Whether it be sacred ground

That you will not walk around

Or animals too holy to feast upon

They are not the only ones

Some consider their body a temple

And revere it as something special

The feelings from deep within our soul

Essences that make up humans as a whole

Sacred songs and sacred chants passed on

Sometimes hummed and sometimes sung

A reminder of life long ago

Now sacred to all who know

The battles, wars, emotional scars

Carried oft’ wailing to the stars

Undoubtedly life itself so special

Something to treasure as celestial

Newborn babes so innocent and pure

Many life struggles they endure

To reach the pinnacle of all that is

Deciding what shall be her or his

Most sacred moment throughout time

That which becomes their internal rhyme








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