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Exquisite is a word I often use

To express beauty so profuse

Odes composed delightfully bespeak

The elegant curve of a baby’s cheek

Or architecture so well crafted

Superb, excellent, well fashioned

What of the first snowfall of the year

Fragile, delicate yet fills us with cheer

The beauty found in friendships dear

Overflowing with joy and great cheer

A piece of poetry or a great read

Touching our heart filling a need

Much in our world can be found

So exquisite and yet so profound

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Unfinished business, that’s what I am?

I lean forward his eyes I quickly scan

You left without a single word

I thought someone else you preferred

I tossed and turned and slept so little

Nothing was said, you  were noncommittal

A year has passed in which to heal

Even as my eyes in sleep did seal

I’ve pictured your beautiful face

Full of strength and equal grace

I loved you with depth profound

Memories full and clear abound

Of everything we shared together

Days and nights of heady pleasure

Now a conundrum before me lays

My mind enveloped in a haze

Or did we leave our business unfinished?







From the ridiculous to the sublime, we can be moved on profound levels. Has that ever happened to you?  I have to admit that occasionally it has happened to me.

On one flip of the coin I read a piece of prose so profound and insightful I was momentarily dumbfounded as I grasped it’s  implications.  It was a thought so completely implausible yet possible, it stopped me in my tracks.

Conversely I read an article by a writer that was although earnest, clearly the scariest notion I’d ever read.  It too was completely stunningly profound in it’s ignorance and in my opinion shortsightedness, but still it effected me the same way.

From the ridiculous to the sublime

To new heights i have climbed

Occasionally stupified

By ignorance personified

A notion so radical

It seemed laughable

Nothing superficial mild or slight

That which fills us with deeper insight.

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