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When the words have all been used

Wondering what can I say, what can I do

Overwhelmed, confused, and quite askew

How do I explain that I love only you

I’ve said it all before, a hundred times

In poetry, verse, and many rhymes

In this moment, feeling quite bemused

I desire words to touch your heart and amuse

Leaving you without doubt or worry

Not over the top or too flowery

Nothing cliche or overworked

Words fresh and new that invoke

All the love I hold in my heart for you

Now and forever only you shall I pursue









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(First thought that came to mind)

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!

Who hasn’t heard of Muhammad Ali

His birth name was Cassius Clay

Born in Louisville Kentucky

A boxer who fought in light and heavyweight bouts

He reigned as undisputed heavyweight with clout

Refusing conscription into the US military

He was charged as a draft dodger and hence found guilty

He successfully appealed, the decision overturned

After boxing, in charitable works he was concerned

He stood fast in what he believed

To his honour he continually cleaved

Although not personally a boxing fan

I have to admire the boxer and the man










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Profoundly refreshed and whole

Renewal affects body and soul.

Cleaning of all the old and tired

A process honoured and admired.

Feelings of relaxation and freedom

A blending of healing through the season.

Culminating in a renewed spirit

Deserving of thanks and great merit.

Understood by others who search

Hoping they too will emerge

Ready, prepared, lifted and wise

Nothing for which to apologise

Soul searching seeking now complete

Emerging  changed, from their retreat

















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A mystical magical wonderland

It seemed as though it were planned

White crystal glistening snow

All around them the world was aglow

Bedazzling gemstones covered the earth

Their sparkle delicate giving birth

To pleasure and laughter and much mirth

The first snowfall silent and white

Stillness hovered under moonlight

Oh how beautiful the landscape was

Loudly welcomed with resounding applause

An inch or two of fluffy white flakes

Turned the countryside into eerie shapes

Everyone’s wish for a white Christmas

Staring out the window in warm pajamas

Children eagerly running to play in the snow

While amongst decorations hung the mistletoe

And for now twas such a romantic scene

With snow filled branches of evergreen

The panorama now bathed in a mystical cloak

Filling their hearts with memories to invoke

Of the first perfect snowfall, that would not last

Soon forgotten and relegated to the past









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It is a word not often heard

With meaning somewhat blurred

As several meaningful words are

It might seem somewhat bizarre

Archaic to a fault perhaps

Not used as much as time elapses

For some a religious connect

Living with god they expect

For others, it is intolerant of

Things they really hate not love

Somewhere we choose to reside

A place in which you and family abide

Encapsulates much more however

When we delve thoughtfully moreover

Whether an agreement of law, place, or emotion,

It sums up nicely in a single word deep devotion









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I’ve never come across this word

Indeed it sounded quite absurd

I tried to decide what it meant

You can imagine my discontent

I knew not what the word alluded to

For it wasn’t a word that I knew

I looked it up and learned the word

And exactly what the word inferred

A group, or armour or a bunch of things

It covers a multitude of sins

Alas I’ll never use panoply

In daily life or elsewhere I cry

But perhaps it’s just a word of fun

Maybe used to impress someone

Back into the closet of my brain it goes

Perhaps one day to use in prose



Turning Tables – Adele November Songs

Adele is one of my all-time favourite artists.

This is, alas, the end of November Songs.  I wish to thank you all for offering up a selection of thought-provoking music, in which to take part.  It has been a delightful pleasure indeed.  I also thank each of you, dear readers, for following along.  Interpretation pertaining to each song by each writer has been individual and so interesting to follow.

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I thought our future strong

That you were the only one

Until you belittled and put me down

Or you sliced me up without a sound

I’m not what you would make of me

I never was, I never could be

For I don’t want to keep up with all

The ups and downs that you so enthrall

Affection, love, devotion, strong

Are what we needed to build on

Not the wall to shut me out

Leaving me filled with such doubt

Always keeping me at arm’s length

Until finally I admit defeat with strength

I held on hoping you would see

What you were doing to me

I shall go on, alone for a time if I must

Perhaps then find someone else to entrust

All that I have to give and share

Enjoying a life beyond compare




The Fray – Look After You November Songs

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I want you in my life, come with me

Thou’ I’m sure we won’t always agree

I’ll take care of you and you of me

And we shall together always be

I’ll support you be your shoulder

If you’re ever feeling insecure

You’ll be the rock that grounds

All the thoughts that abound

Together we support each other

Always seeking the answers together




Image result for pictures of perfection

Pressures gone, we are at peace

We realize we can now cease

Running the merry-go-round of perfection

Without a sense of self or direction

Perfection sought does not exist

A bill of goods sold, yet still persists

Young girls and young women alike

Against this ideology we must strike

None are good enough they would have you believe

We must see beyond the glare and gloss to perceive

We are perfect as we are

In each of us a blazing star

Now our young men they objectify

The onslaught a price too high

Without that trademark six pack  or buns of steal

You are no longer good enough, no sex appeal

Pay it forward for all to see

How detrimental this is, my plea

Take back our youth their lives be free

To live without angst but with dignity.










The storm unleashed dark clouds and blackened sky

Fierce is it’s exhibition, do we stay or run away

Suddenly entranced by it’s power now unleashed

Mighty winds and broiling clouds bearing down from north-east

We are held spell bound as we witnessed the glory

Waves crashing upon the shore restless full of fury

Sounds of thunder and lightening rend the air

We watch in awe, we stand, we stare

How fierce how powerful how unexpected

Arms open wide, face to the sky we welcome unaffected

The rain that falls to land with delightful fierceness

The storm has some how managed to release us

Free from burdens too long carried

We return from whence we came unhurried







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