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I wanted to write something completely profound or hilariously funny on being a “youth”. Alas the thoughts would not come. Instead I wrote a poem mindful of youthful intent.  We would try anything new.  The world was our oyster and nothing could harm us, we were invincible.

Oh how I long for the days of youth

As new worlds were introduced

Unguarded simple and fun

No such thing as can’t be done

Awaking ready for new adventure

Delightful heady robust and free

Nothing could dampen our glee

Through a window to the past

I now look and am aghast

How in the blink of an eye

Life has whizzed on by

As recalling fond memories

Fills me with aching reverie

No my youth was not misspent

Nor was it irrelevant

Unfettered youthful joy

No one can destroy





The moons many phases bring delight

Especially when shining big and bright

Casting an ephemeral glow upon our world

While we dance and sing songs undisturbed

The moon’s shimmering glow

O’er the landscape we all know.

Or resting still beside the shore

Alone or with someone we adore

We sit and gaze so enchanted are we

Our head rested upon bent knee

Our gaze steady fixed and intent

Nothing here to lament












Some believe in ghosts and feel

They exist undoubtedly  real

Though felt they remain unseen unheard

The line between becomes so blurred

Indeed we all have ghosts that haunt

Past experiences that us taunt

Although they remain peripheral

Their power o’er us monumentally real

Do they guide and help us heal

The unseen scars of  tortured past

Until we have peace at long last





The unattainable goal we must reach

Perhaps through words or speech

It is just a point of view

Both enlightening and new

It is the challenge is it not

To obtain the thing that is sought

To accomplish and attain

Therefore we will not refrain

From reaching that which seems so high

Up beyond into the sky














A universe of colour in which to play

Refreshed renewed each and every day

Awash with blues pinks greens and golds

Happily our picturesque landscape unfolds

Wrapping us in such delight

Our hearts could burst so filled with light

Then someone yells take off those rose coloured eyeglasses

That is not what is seen by the masses

Alas I am blind and from memory paint

The world in all it’s glory shall remain

I am happiest here I proclaim














From the ridiculous to the sublime, we can be moved on profound levels. Has that ever happened to you?  I have to admit that occasionally it has happened to me.

On one flip of the coin I read a piece of prose so profound and insightful I was momentarily dumbfounded as I grasped it’s  implications.  It was a thought so completely implausible yet possible, it stopped me in my tracks.

Conversely I read an article by a writer that was although earnest, clearly the scariest notion I’d ever read.  It too was completely stunningly profound in it’s ignorance and in my opinion shortsightedness, but still it effected me the same way.

From the ridiculous to the sublime

To new heights i have climbed

Occasionally stupified

By ignorance personified

A notion so radical

It seemed laughable

Nothing superficial mild or slight

That which fills us with deeper insight.



Unstoppable force or gentle breeze!

You take my breath away with ease.

Your power can ignite

Or bring us such delight.

A force unseen and only felt

In your presence I have knelt.

A touch that soothes and inspires

Our emotions you transpire.

Unstoppable force or gentle breeze

Come play with me if you please.




Flitting about one two three, how elusive you can be.

I only want to run and play, and yet you hide away.

Come back, don’t go, stay awhile, do not me beguile.

You scamper past my door, no marks upon the floor

Your essence is nothing more than a whisper on the shore

A dream to me you have become, your presence i so welcome.

Come back to me, elusive one.


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