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Exquisite is a word I often use

To express beauty so profuse

Odes composed delightfully bespeak

The elegant curve of a baby’s cheek

Or architecture so well crafted

Superb, excellent, well fashioned

What of the first snowfall of the year

Fragile, delicate yet fills us with cheer

The beauty found in friendships dear

Overflowing with joy and great cheer

A piece of poetry or a great read

Touching our heart filling a need

Much in our world can be found

So exquisite and yet so profound

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Recreational by Aaron Krauss November Songs

This is a song about regrets and taking responsibility especially when there are doubts. Leaving when it’s over because it’s better.

There was so much that should be said

This isn’t at all what was intended

Even though you were right beside me

Your love shining ever brightly

I couldn’t see you for the forest

For in my life I was but a tourist

My heart belonged to another

I never meant to make you suffer

I didn’t realize you were the rebound

Or another I would have found

We talked about hopes dreams beliefs

All the while from your lips dripped deceit

You should have walked long ago

Your fake love not on any other bestow

Get your head on straight

Before you open loves gate

So your heart full with love you could give

And each of you thereby happily live

The joy that was meant to be

Shared intensely earnestly







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A word of beauty, strength, solidarity and hope.  For together we have weathered all manner of storms.  As one we are strong, together we are mighty!  This vigil of life we undertake, and whether daily or nightly, we offer protection and sanctuary to those we love.  Understanding abounds when we face the onslaught of all that comes our way.  We clap our hands tightly and hold firm so any attack seen or not, we quelled.  The unity in this word binds us together as one.  Nothing shall stay the love we hold dear. Job changes aplenty would frighten many, but not us, they were cause for celebration. Together we have gained perspective and appreciation for all the sacrifice and pleasure we attained.

As one we are strong, together we are mighty

This vigil we undertake, whether daily or nightly

To offer protection to those we love

An umbrella of devotion up above

Our clasped hands tight and firmly held

An onslaught though unseen we quelled

Jobs changes and relocations

Became  delightful celebrations

Together we have gained perspective

Strength solidarity and hope were not elective

Summed up by appreciation and affection

Our life a wonderful reflection

Of what we can share and accomplish, together.












Once an old growth tree had stood

Amid a forest of mighty softwood

We peered at that tree and carved our initials

That made it perfect and oh so official

We were a mighty duo of two

My best friend and I would pursue

Adventure aplenty whether close or afar

Giggling joking dividing a candy bar

Sharing laughter and tears and so much more

Underneath the tree down by the shore

Sadly my gaze fell upon the exact spot

Of that precious tree and memories sought

Slowly I worked my way there

The place was empty my tree nowhere

Heartbroken I looked all round

It was gone, with emptiness profound

I sat upon all that was left

Feeling completely bereft

Nothing remained but a tree stump

My throat ached with a huge lump

For it our beloved tree was now gone

As was my dearest friend once called upon

To run and scamper and play all about

Shows and theatre we would act out

Memories special sweet and so dear

Carved like initials, in my mind so clear

Though the tree might be gone

My recollections were forever strong.














For some a sandwich is not a meal

It holds you over until something real

Others see it as very special

Two pieces of bread on which to nestle

A mighty combo piled so high

A bevy of food stacked on rye

Deli shops will have your mouth water

The aroma hits your nostrils and in you saunter

Choices so delicious and fresh

It’s difficult to know what’s best

Ah tomorrow’s another day

In which to try another entree

For now I consume that so delicious

A mouthful of joy nothing capricious

Heaven captured on bread

Oh  and add a little spread.

My day is not quite complete

Without this my exquisite treat.






Twas late, with shadows all round

Crunchy leaves lay on the ground

I pulled my coat close feeling the bite

The first signs of Autumn amid starlight

I set my gaze upon the ink black sky

Not a soul to be found anywhere near by

My delight was surely complete

As the heavens glowed I took a seat

Far above twinkle a myriad stars

Some seemed close and others so far

A delightful conversation above

Perhaps a gentle whisper of love

Many declarations bold and bright

Proclaimed so proudly in twinkling light

If only I could understand the language they spoke

Perhaps a story of innocence bespoke

Stories as ancient as the passing of time

Captured then displayed so sublime

Perhaps they twinkle a whisper of things yet to come

A symphony of music joyous and welcome

A feast for our eyes to behold

As many stories before us unfold.













I have to say, the first thing that popped into  my head was “plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is”.  I’m astounded that song still resonates with so many; as ad campaigns go, that one is impressive simply because of it’s longevity.

What is there to say about plop?

It’s a word that rhymes with flop?

Perhaps because it is unique.

It has little use so to speak.

It’s not the first word that pops into your head

Unless suddenly drops start to fall on your bed.

A comical little word

Both cute and absurd

But it always brings a smile

That lasts  a little while.

The end.  My contribution to the word of the day as I snicker and smile.



The storm unleashed dark clouds and blackened sky

Fierce is it’s exhibition, do we stay or run away

Suddenly entranced by it’s power now unleashed

Mighty winds and broiling clouds bearing down from north-east

We are held spell bound as we witnessed the glory

Waves crashing upon the shore restless full of fury

Sounds of thunder and lightening rend the air

We watch in awe, we stand, we stare

How fierce how powerful how unexpected

Arms open wide, face to the sky we welcome unaffected

The rain that falls to land with delightful fierceness

The storm has some how managed to release us

Free from burdens too long carried

We return from whence we came unhurried









“You can’t see the forest for the trees!”  “It’s as plain as the nose on your face!”

Haven’t we all encountered situations that weren’t all that obvious?  The answers we sought might have been “obvious” to everyone else, but certainly weren’t to us.  We pondered, thought, questioned,lamented often aggrieved we couldn’t or hadn’t reached a conclusion which seemed so apparent to everyone else.

It’s as obvious as the nose on your face

I know what I would do if I were in your place

Then tell me what am I missing

It is completely astoundingly aggravating

The solution that i seek

Out of reach and oblique

Please tell me what I should do

Which way to turn to get through

The journey to discovery

Although part of the recovery

Never simple easy or comfortable

I want the answer without preamble

Alone and quiet without an audience

You will find that which is obvious








My thoughts on Fifty!

Fifty an age among many, that hopefully will come and go.

Where reason and wisdom reside and maturity shall flow?

Oh right, Fifty Shades of Grey, I’ve heard about that

The silver luster in my hair now covered by a slouch hat!

Song and ballads and poems galore

Bout couples gliding across the dance floor

Eloquent and graceful together they float

As I settle down on the sofa in pj’s and old housecoat

Ah yes, the golden years, touted as being all that

Silly me juggling cane and coffee like an acrobat

Still isn’t age just mind over matter

And if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter

Oh great words of wisdom from me how amusing

Cause quite frankly, between you and me, I got nothing!


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