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Writer’s Struggles

Isn’t it wonderful when the the ideas words or content for your novel flow?  You find yourself moving from word to phrase to sentences then paragraphs and finally chapters as ideas flow freely.  Your nearly euphoric with delight.  Suddenly without warning,  you come to a grinding halt and stumble and momentarily falter.  You’ve hit a crossroad; a pivotal moment in your story.  It’s huge, important, monumental and will shape the remainder of your novel and the fate of your characters.

Which path do you take?  Each scenario offers a varying alternative that could lead to on one hand, a happy or sad outcome. You wonder, ponder determining if it best serves the story line to leave the final outcome unanswered and your beloved reader to formulate a suitable ending of their own. Instead, you might hint or suggest a possible result or consequence. Most satisfying of all, an unexpected twist that delivers your reader into a shocking and surprising possibility impossible to foresee.

After all obstacles are overcome, the moment is upon us, will our hero/heroine be victorious?  Will we deliver our reader from a vortex of emotion which can only be satisfied by a single outcome? Or will they wonder as our quest goes unanswered and our protagonist suffers the unending torment of a partial answer while a piece of the puzzle remains unfinished thereby settling uneasily in the corner of their mind and which will certainly require the advent of a return to the subject and answers found.


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