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Natty is a very old word

And clearly not often heard

It mans chic elegant snazzy

Nothing here that’s trashy

Coiffed to perfection

In the latest collection

Clean tidy well put together

Completely lovely, altogether










Image result for pictures of perfection

Pressures gone, we are at peace

We realize we can now cease

Running the merry-go-round of perfection

Without a sense of self or direction

Perfection sought does not exist

A bill of goods sold, yet still persists

Young girls and young women alike

Against this ideology we must strike

None are good enough they would have you believe

We must see beyond the glare and gloss to perceive

We are perfect as we are

In each of us a blazing star

Now our young men they objectify

The onslaught a price too high

Without that trademark six pack  or buns of steal

You are no longer good enough, no sex appeal

Pay it forward for all to see

How detrimental this is, my plea

Take back our youth their lives be free

To live without angst but with dignity.











I’m forever astounded and awed by everything fragile, whether it is a delicate paper thin wineglass, a butterfly, or a vulnerable flower tossed about in a gentle breeze.  Even frost on the windowpane, it’s exquisite pattern captures attention for it will not stay long.

We race headlong through days weeks months years, barely noticing the passage of time and how fragile a moment can be. Often taking for granted these ephemeral things, perhaps noting, but not fully appreciating  the delicacy intricacy and perfection offered.

Often, we fail to acknowledge the beautiful amazing design of our own human form, so incredibly strong yet astoundingly vulnerable.  Constantly pushing the limits of what the human body is capable of, yet conversely, in the twinkling of an eye, it can all be gone.  Perhaps it is only with the passing of age, dare I say wisdom? we begin to appreciate and understand how finite we truly are.

Most precious of all is family, comprised of special, delicate, invaluable fragile individuals to be loved, enjoyed, cherished.














We’ve certainly come a long way since the phrase “Let them eat cake” was uttered, supposedly by Marie Antoinette, but that’s another story.

Dare I say it?  We love cake!  Every shape, design color, flavour!  Whether it’s a personalized wedding cake, birthday celebration, Passover, Christmas, we celebrate with cake.  Worldwide, we announce events with great aplomb; whether someone jumps out of the middle of it or it’s set center stage, the unveiling eagerly awaited, we love cake.

What was once upon a time a simple pastry now offers a complex variety around the world

Personally, I am astounded at the creativity, intricacy, size, even shape that some cake designers offer. For awhile I watched a cake-maker and designer, from Hoboken.  The show was called  “The Cake Boss”.  Personally I’d call him an artist! For the sheer intricacy scale and perfection he created was both astounding and mouthwatering.

I used to go great lengths when a school event required a cake sale to raise money, and I created some pretty awesome designs from ladybugs to guitars to whatever the event’s theme was.  What an absolute delight!

I honestly enjoyed the creation more than eating it, unless of course, being the self professed cream cheese=aholic that I am,  it’s a cream cheese cake, well it didn’t stand a chance!

Once upon a time a cake was created

Soft and moist its flavour long awaited

Oh you Devil you

No Angel Food!

But I am a Princess pure and divine

Upside down cake, you are mine!

Black  Forest  scrumptious and sweet

Red Velvet that’s what I shall create

Whatever flavour shall I make

Perhaps several I should bake!

Christmas, Birthday, Wedding Cake so fine

Whatever the occasion cake is sublime!






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