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Control, it is an illusion

Never a foregone conclusion

Often sought by many when

Chaos reigns, amid a tailspin

Letting go of the delusion you’re

In charge of events, what’s more

Relaxation peace will be yours

Knowing when to stand tall

Gives true power over all














Black Lab -Some Peace November Songs

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There was a time the sun shone strong and bright

It’s all that I lived for, it gave me strength and might

Then one day an unforgivable mistake

The constant pain now gives me a bellyache

Nothing can undo the ache for you

It killed something and now we’re through

I live in constant darkness, now so alone

Living with consequences, unable to atone

May you have peace and freedom from

Agony I have caused, to leave you calm

So the sunshine beating down so strong

Wraps you forever in its beauteous song



Some believe in ghosts and feel

They exist undoubtedly  real

Though felt they remain unseen unheard

The line between becomes so blurred

Indeed we all have ghosts that haunt

Past experiences that us taunt

Although they remain peripheral

Their power o’er us monumentally real

Do they guide and help us heal

The unseen scars of  tortured past

Until we have peace at long last



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