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Passionate AtoZchallenge #amwriting

Olivia was passionate about everything.  She just wasn’t passionately in love with James. Although they experienced some heady moments in exquisitely romance settings, something was missing.  They’d done it all together.  Skiing, climbing, touring country after country, sailing.  They’d exchanged everything meaningful about their hopes dreams and beliefs.  They clicked.   Really clicked.  For all that, it didn’t quite feel right.  No matter how hard she’d tried, she couldn’t figure out what it was.

Just as she knew he was about to propose and knew she was about to refuse.  There was no rhyme or reason but for her, it wasn’t in the cards. Olivia was throwing away five great years and some of her most precious experiences.   but still, she held back.

James was fantastic on every level.  Smart, witty, rose to any challenge, had saved her skin on numerous occasions, been there for her through whatever ordeal she’d faced, but still, she held back.

What the hell was wrong with her?  Dropping her head on her palm she tapped it.  “Come on girl, think.  This is the deciding moment of your life.  You know it.  What is it?”  she asked herself aloud.

Passion.  He wasn’t passionate.  He merely went along for the ride.  She was the ring leader, the decider the adventurer.  She needed, wanted more. An equal, someone to fight passionately with who took turns taking the lead who could make decisions.

Sadly, she stared at her reflection in the windows.  She had her answer.






I have been passionate about many things so I suppose that makes me a passionate person in general.

When I could see well, I was very passionate about photography and as a result though I had no training and therefore didn’t understand about lighting, angles, framing, took pictures of what interested me and won some acclaim, bylines and commendations.  My walls were covered with pictures I’d taken having entered photo contests on a variety of subjects.

When I could see well, I used to paint and draw.  Perhaps through my grandmother whom I never had an opportunity to meet, I inherited some talent.  She was an incredible painter, who by the standards of the day sold her painting for large sums. As a child I saw a few of her charcoal drawings and they were indeed wonderful in and of themselves.  Sadly many of her works of art were stolen and never found.

I used to use a variety of items as my canvas.  Using acrylics I painted on seashells (not an easy task due to the shape) also requiring a great deal of preparation, but well received.  I even painted on cloth or canvas.  Because I was passionate I would spend hours when I thought only minutes had whizzed by.

When I could see well, I taught myself to crochet and knit some intricate patterns and later sold or used them as gifts. I enjoyed so much, creating and making a variety of items.  It was such a delight.

When I could see well, I started writing novels.  Many I lost as my computer died and over the years I’ve started again many times until I finally with great joy in my heart, completed Prisoner on Holiday.  I am very passionate about writing.  Fortunately my son knows how to set up my computer so I can with very large print and a great deal of patience on his part, navigate from site to site enabling the opportunity to read and enjoy some of your writings as well.

Most of all I am passionate about family.  I love them all and care passionately about their well being, health, growth mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Therefore I am passionate about offering and creating opportunities in all these areas and commending them on effort as much as success.

Perhaps what I am trying to say through-out these many examples, is that passion can move mountains, create opportunities, and refine ability.  Never stop being passionate about what you do.  It can be an incredible and positive driving force.


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