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The heart fills with desire, it wants what it wants

That which is attainable, that which is not, haunts

Leading us astray from what is acceptable

Into foreign lands so vulnerable, susceptible

Often a balance we seek between the two

Whispers of truth acknowledged, bid adieu

Follow our heart, follow our mind

Sometimes in neither, satisfaction find

Still flames of desire build and overcomes

Sensibility, longing, craving reality becomes

Until sated by desire’s passionate determination

That little slice of cake is our only salvation






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On many occasions, I have been tempted

E’en though my words might be rejected

To speak my mind, say what I mean

The truth is the truth, nought in between

On many occasions, I have been tempted

To partake of that delicious piece of dessert

Though it would quickly to my hips transport

It smells so heavenly, looks so divine

I’m sure the flavour is simply sublime

Tempted on occasions too many to recount

Steadfast remain, I remind myself throughout

For though the temptation often is great

The resultant problems it would create

Must be considered part of the equation

Inner turmoil overcome, it is self-determination












Me.   I am definitely the epitome of stubborn. Anyone that knows me will tell you that.

Stubbornness is frowned upon, thought pigheaded, willful or inflexible.

But it can save your life.  There are countless instances where I have been stubborn. Too stubborn to give up the fight and thereby live.  Too stubborn to give up to pain and win.  Too stubborn to give in and thereby overcome.

So in certain circumstances, being stubborn is a good thing.  It was a tool that gave me strength to rise above and stand tall to overcome to fight in order to survive.  I would do it again.

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