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A word filled with possibility and doubt.  The possibility that what we hope for, dream of, expect and want, the thing anticipated,will come true.  Conversely it might not.

The positive side of maybe fills us with the thrill of expectation excitement and possibilities untold, while the negative side says probably not, possibly not, and even no.

Maybe contains heights of euphoria or depths of despair depending on how you perceive it and what the maybe pertains to.

Maybe the bus will be on time and we won’t be late for that fateful appointment that is about to change our lives.  Maybe the sun will shine brightly on our day and the outing anticipated for so long will succeed.  Maybe someone will read our writing and be filled with excitement or the desire to read more.

Maybe the long lost friend won’t show and we’ll be devastated at the loss.  Maybe we can turn the tide on a situation with all the complications of a down hill slide into oblivion pain and sorrow.

Maybe can be like “what if” depending on where you start or the light at the end of the tunnel.  And our response to the result of maybe will shape our outlook for the present and future. Maybe can be a very powerful word.

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