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The first one is extremely obvious… is nothing sacred?  When I first noticed these years ago, I was so offended!  Angered!  You get my drift.  I remember watching a Disney movie with my kids and stopping dead and asking them to get stuff for popcorn “movie watching, comfort food” and replayed the selection, and realized I did see what I thought I saw.  I replayed for my mother, visiting at the time.  She was as stunned and shocked as I.  You think you’re spending quality time with your children, watching innocent fun, and imagine that!  Not so much! I’ve done some research over the years, and it’s even more offensive that most of the ideas for this disgusting crap came from women.  Why that offends me more, I guess, is because I have that ‘old school’ mentality, mother’s are supposed to look out for the emotional well being of their children.  I did. It was essential in my world. Let me know what you think about this subliminal crap. Would enjoy hearing your views.

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Image result for pictures of original

Image result for pictures of original


I often hear  “you are a true original”.   What does that mean?  Does that imply one of a kind, or  borderline crazy/genius?

Originality is to some extent dependent on your experiences and length of time on earth.  For example, I see hairstyles, fashion, even recipes that were popular when I was a young child, being revisited and making a comeback.  I could go into detail but that would seriously  “date” me.

When I consider a lifetime of music, singers, movies and songs, there are a few  that really stand out as the epitome of a “true original”.  Elvis Presley’s style, songs, and the tone of his voice probably the most famous example.  He lives on in the hearts and minds of many and anyone that could compare to Elvis, would still only be a copy, the original is gone.  Adele’s voice, songs and style is another example of originality.  I’m sure you could add a variety of examples yourself.

The music industry has over the last few years been experiencing a rehash, redo, make-over of something original.  For several years artists have been singing songs from the 70’s and 80’s with a twist to make them “current”.  Recently I’ve witnessed a number of artists revisiting songs from the 20’s through the 60’s and this genre is gaining ground.  A “spin” has also been added to these songs .  Does the “spin” added to these songs make them an original or simply a changed copy, a version of the original?

There are a few “free thinkers” in the process of changing our outlook on renewable energy, with exciting forays into original and or improved design.  Tesla’s innovative gigafactory is an astounding and dramatic example and one worthy of serious consideration.  Of course, we’ve already heard about the Tesla electric sedans and suv’s which are the forerunner of a push into moving away from fuel based cars.

Original thinking is considered “thinking outside the box”.  Something you hear all too often in the market-place, in advertising, or in product sales.

With all those wonderful examples to choose from, I choose you!  You the reader of this blog, are an original!  There will never be another exactly like you.  Not in style, thought, size or shape.  In reality then, “you are the true original.”









A Predictable Future?

For some reason my mind was wandering and it struck me as somewhat prophetic that much of what we now take for granted, or at least use on a daily bases, originally came from the  minds of past movies,  perhaps better stated, novelists and writers of movies, particularly Sci-fi movies.

Take Stanley Kurbrick’s groundbreaking film 2001 A Space Odyssey for example which clearly predicted the tablet computer.  If not in reality, then the devices depicted bear an uncanny resemblance to the tablets we use today.  Apple’s iPad made it’s debut in 2010 which is roughly nine years after the setting making Kubruck’s film pretty accurate in it’s depiction of the time period these devices would appear.

Interestingly many issues society faces were confronted and questions raised and solutions found in Star Trek.  Diversity in appearance, culture, race, age and even robots were accepted.

As astounding are the technologies mentioned in Star Trek such as 3-D printers and the hand held communicators.  Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first cell phone, cited  Star Trek and the hand held communicators as  his inspiration for his invention.

I have to give a nod to one of my favourite movies, Short Circuit made in 1986, in which a robot becomes self aware after being struck by lightening.  While watching a news clip recently regarding advances in robotics, I was immediately reminded of this movie.  Johnny Five was created by the military for military applications not unlike current robots used by the military for reconnaissance and attack purposes.  The best known are by far, the unmanned aerial vehicles the U.S. and other militaries worldwide use.  Interestingly they use the continuous track-based design that mimics or at least looks very similar to Johnny Five’s.

It could be argued that many inventions came from the minds of movie writers. Some individual somewhere, saw the potential and created a specific application we now use.  What will the future hold, I wonder?





Delightfully captivated

The Martian

I’d heard the jokes about “saving Matt Damon” yet again, the jokes alluding to Saving Private Ryan and Courage Under Fire.  So I, with tongue in cheek sat down to watch the movie.

The movie is about a man left for dead on Mars and at first I was struck by the incongruity and immediately laughed.  The incongruity was that he was left behind (the other astronauts having left because of the enormity of the storm about to hit) and yet, this man, laying on the planet through the storm survives it.  This inevitably led you to think, they would have been fine had they stayed. Having said that, I was immediately delightfully captivated by Matt Damon’s superb acting.

I quickly became involved as I watched “Mark Watney” struggle to overcome some pretty major obstacles to survive. Subtle humour continued throughout and the movie was incredibly upbeat even though the underlying determination to survive and the creative means he used to that end was always center stage.  I knew from the moment I began watching, I wouldn’t, couldn’t walk away until the end.

The most touching moments came when he heard his friend’s voices for the first time in years and the moment when his possible rescue was about to take place. Matt Damon’s acting was so real, he drew me in emotionally.

All the while I had to applaud the charachter’s strength determination and belief he would be rescued.  And I wondered . . . how many of us could possibly withstand the absolute isolation and loneliness on a planet years away from humankind.  “Mark Watney” managed, with a few mishaps, to overcome those obstacles in creative ways which included an ingenious method of growing food to provide for himself.

All in all, Matt Damon’s acting was superb, the movie compelling and the photography captured it all.

What did you think of the movie?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,



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