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Much of what we see today

Once was a craft in its infancy

Delights, thrills, touches our heart

Appeal, exciting in every part

Screenplay, song, poem or movie

All have the power to renew me

Blankets knitted or crocheted

With loving care delicately made

A doctor’s skilled hands that glide

In his work, he takes great pride

A roadside mechanic servicing a car

Whether a humble Toyota or a Jaguar

A craft is a skill brought to perfection

By people willing to take direction

Until their craft was whole and complete

Fulfilled and happy, no need to compete





















In 1904, Morocco is a source of conflict among Germany, France and the British Empire, as each attempts to gain influence in the country.

“The Wind and the Lion” weaves historic facts into violent fictional adventure.  Eden Perdicari (Candice Bergen) along with her two children, are kidnapped by Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli (Sean Connery) a Berber in Tangier. They are kept hostage in the rif, an area a great distance from any potential rescuers.

As their journey through the desert continues, Mrs. Perdicaris moves from anger when first kidnapped, to respect and even to love the Raisuli, if only a little.  He in turn, falls in love with her.

Mrs. Perdicaris proves a delightful match and often outwits Raisuli to his embarrassment and consternation. They are often perplexed at the ideology, stance, outlook and thoughts of the other.  Amusingly, Raisuli’s response in these situations, “Mrs. Perdicaris, you are a lot of trouble!”

He and Roosevelt (Brian Keith) communicate back and forth over the return of the Perdicaris family and in one letter, Raisuli compares the two men thus:  “I (Raisuli), like the lion, must remain in my place, while you, like the wind, will never know yours.”

Mrs. Perdicaris makes her escape into the arms of villains much less caring, and only then realizes her folly.  Thankfully, the Raisuli manages to rescue her.

The final lines in the film are delivered by the Raisuli on horseback with one of his men. He tells the Raisuli they have lost everything.  The Reaisuli’s reply is,  “Isn’t there anything in your life you would lose everything for?”

Hopefully you have an opportunity to enjoy this delightful movie.  It’s probably considered outdated by today’s standards, and that perplexes me, for a well acted film is always great.  Just saying!  Take care all.





Delightfully captivated

The Martian

I’d heard the jokes about “saving Matt Damon” yet again, the jokes alluding to Saving Private Ryan and Courage Under Fire.  So I, with tongue in cheek sat down to watch the movie.

The movie is about a man left for dead on Mars and at first I was struck by the incongruity and immediately laughed.  The incongruity was that he was left behind (the other astronauts having left because of the enormity of the storm about to hit) and yet, this man, laying on the planet through the storm survives it.  This inevitably led you to think, they would have been fine had they stayed. Having said that, I was immediately delightfully captivated by Matt Damon’s superb acting.

I quickly became involved as I watched “Mark Watney” struggle to overcome some pretty major obstacles to survive. Subtle humour continued throughout and the movie was incredibly upbeat even though the underlying determination to survive and the creative means he used to that end was always center stage.  I knew from the moment I began watching, I wouldn’t, couldn’t walk away until the end.

The most touching moments came when he heard his friend’s voices for the first time in years and the moment when his possible rescue was about to take place. Matt Damon’s acting was so real, he drew me in emotionally.

All the while I had to applaud the charachter’s strength determination and belief he would be rescued.  And I wondered . . . how many of us could possibly withstand the absolute isolation and loneliness on a planet years away from humankind.  “Mark Watney” managed, with a few mishaps, to overcome those obstacles in creative ways which included an ingenious method of growing food to provide for himself.

All in all, Matt Damon’s acting was superb, the movie compelling and the photography captured it all.

What did you think of the movie?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,



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