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Truthful Performance

The performance oh so potent

The humanity of the moment

Took her breath away

Not something seen every day

Short sweet gasps of air

Quickly brought a tear

This was truth conviction rare

Delivered with both warmth and flair

His voice she’d always remember

Oh such beauteous awesome splendor

Not a dry eye in the coffeehouse








Image result for pictures of candle light


There’s something romantic about candlelight.  It makes any dinner special.  When my kids were small, I used to dress the table with candles once a week.  Candlelight can make macaroni and cheese special!  Who knew?

Candlelight is a mood changer.  When you walk into a room filled with candles, or a dining room with candles lit, suddenly your relaxed and the cares of the day melt away.  Concerns, stress and worry can’t outshine candle light.  They are instantly forgotten and you’re in the moment, calm and serene.

Seriously though, who doesn’t enjoy a moment in time made special with candle light?  We live such crazy hectic lives that taking time to set a table to make any evening special is warranted and sets the tone with its warm delightful glow.

Special occasions like anniversaries are all the more enjoyable in candle light.  Birthdays with candles covering a cake are special.  Even when we hit the double digits and one candle suffices (cough cough) the occasion feels happy and festive.




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