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I read your note it brought a host

Of memories so near and dear

As though a whimsical tender ghost

Suddenly whispered in my ear

Emotion deep and touching be

No matter where or what we did

Sitting under a large shade tree

Much more fun when twas forbid

I shall always keep you close to me












Rose brought a tray of lemonade out to the elderly woman sitting in the rocking chair.  she hadn’t heard Rose’s approach, but it didn’t matter, her thoughts were obviously a million miles away in another time and another place.

Rose touched her hand and Mrs. Addison’s glance turned toward her the undefined look diminishing from her eyes.  “Thank you, dear.”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Addison, my pleasure.”

“Now where were we?”  Mrs. Addison asked

“You were explaining the oak trees.”

“Ah yes, we had such zip, such pizzazz, nothing held us back.  Papa had planted the trees when I was seven or eight. I couldn’t wait to see them grow.  I’m pleased they are still here.  Such memories associated with those trees.”  Her sigh contained pleasure.

Longingly she looks back

Memories scents of lilac

Papa planting the old oak trees

She was at his side on bent knees

Oh how they would zip and run

A game of tag they’d just begun

Her first kiss under that oak

So discreet they thought to cloak

Their rendezvous camouflaged

Until papa showed up sabotaged

By her mean little sister full of tales

Following her down all the trails

Eagerly waiting to catch her slip

Holding onto bargaining chips

Indeed the tales, if trees could talk

About the lives and paths, they’d walked









Vancouver BC “Spike” and recollections.

Although it was a rough year beginning to end and began with our move, (and on that very day) my broken ankle, followed by my son’s broken leg, my daughter’s deadly reaction to penicillin and her body’s complete shut down, my mother’s death and moving to Hardy, one memory still touches my heart.

Fireworks.  It was Vancouver’s annual fireworks show and we drove to a peak that would allow us a Premo view.  At the top of the hill, we could see Telus World of Science but will forever be known to our family as spike.

They lit the building in conjunction with the fireworks and the kids 2 1/2 and 6 1/2 said oh look, “spike”.  They thought the building was brilliant.  Although they enjoyed the fireworks, the building with its spikes took the cake.

We later toured the facility and hopefully one day I’ll have pictures developed as it was intriguing.

To this day, when we see pictures of Telus World of Science, we look at one another, smile and unanimously say, “spike”.





The brink of each new day

Brings its own divine array

Of possibility and endless joy

Filtered sunshine oh so coy

Filling my heart with its glory

An affirmation of untold story

On the cusp of something new

Happy memories to accrue









Once an old growth tree had stood

Amid a forest of mighty softwood

We peered at that tree and carved our initials

That made it perfect and oh so official

We were a mighty duo of two

My best friend and I would pursue

Adventure aplenty whether close or afar

Giggling joking dividing a candy bar

Sharing laughter and tears and so much more

Underneath the tree down by the shore

Sadly my gaze fell upon the exact spot

Of that precious tree and memories sought

Slowly I worked my way there

The place was empty my tree nowhere

Heartbroken I looked all round

It was gone, with emptiness profound

I sat upon all that was left

Feeling completely bereft

Nothing remained but a tree stump

My throat ached with a huge lump

For it our beloved tree was now gone

As was my dearest friend once called upon

To run and scamper and play all about

Shows and theatre we would act out

Memories special sweet and so dear

Carved like initials, in my mind so clear

Though the tree might be gone

My recollections were forever strong.












I wanted to write something completely profound or hilariously funny on being a “youth”. Alas the thoughts would not come. Instead I wrote a poem mindful of youthful intent.  We would try anything new.  The world was our oyster and nothing could harm us, we were invincible.

Oh how I long for the days of youth

As new worlds were introduced

Unguarded simple and fun

No such thing as can’t be done

Awaking ready for new adventure

Delightful heady robust and free

Nothing could dampen our glee

Through a window to the past

I now look and am aghast

How in the blink of an eye

Life has whizzed on by

As recalling fond memories

Fills me with aching reverie

No my youth was not misspent

Nor was it irrelevant

Unfettered youthful joy

No one can destroy



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