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It is a word not often heard

With meaning somewhat blurred

As several meaningful words are

It might seem somewhat bizarre

Archaic to a fault perhaps

Not used as much as time elapses

For some a religious connect

Living with god they expect

For others, it is intolerant of

Things they really hate not love

Somewhere we choose to reside

A place in which you and family abide

Encapsulates much more however

When we delve thoughtfully moreover

Whether an agreement of law, place, or emotion,

It sums up nicely in a single word deep devotion









Me.   I am definitely the epitome of stubborn. Anyone that knows me will tell you that.

Stubbornness is frowned upon, thought pigheaded, willful or inflexible.

But it can save your life.  There are countless instances where I have been stubborn. Too stubborn to give up the fight and thereby live.  Too stubborn to give up to pain and win.  Too stubborn to give in and thereby overcome.

So in certain circumstances, being stubborn is a good thing.  It was a tool that gave me strength to rise above and stand tall to overcome to fight in order to survive.  I would do it again.

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