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Tendrils of silken hair

As if from nowhere she’d appear

Tracing my face with fingertips

A gentle touch of her lips

Soothing comforting caring

Love and affection sharing

Nowhere I’d rather be

But beside her eagerly

A part of the love she offered

Sitting beside her in her rocker

This gentle tender soul so giving

Sharing insights about living

A life so full of all that could be

If only I took hold of opportunity

Always there supporting me never alone

Nothing ever for which to atone

I miss her gentle kind nature

Forever my muse my humble teacher

Of truth wisdom care and love

Remembering you I’ll never tire of







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Encompassed brightly in nature

Many scenes rich with flavour

Can be described by this magnificent word

Perhaps the flurry of wings from a beautiful bird

Strawberries large so ripe rich and mature

It’s fruit tantalizingly succulent and pure

Often used to depict great beauty

Such as a newborn babe in infancy

Or the lusciousness of kissable lips

The beauty of once magnificent ships

The fragrance after a downpour of rain

Freshening the air our joy to sustain

An all encompassing word that captures

Sumptuous abundant elaborate exposure

We have only to open our eyes

To all that is seen and all it implies












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