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Life is a maze full of wonder

Left right or I must now ponder

Each has exquisite untold surprise

Shall I stand here longer and analyze

Or take a path less trodden, unknown

Allow my life to unfold on its own

Able to let go and go with the flow

Living my life with intrepid gusto

Enjoying each moment as it unfolds

Fresh bright and new I now behold

With great joy the maze opens wide

To allow a new experience untried

I welcome you now with open arms

I take the bull by the proverbial horns

Each encounter something of a delight

Knowing that everything will be alright






yarn 2

Satisfaction guaranteed

Yarns and stories fill a need

Warming hands across a barrel

A moment without a quarrel

Huddled together for warmth

Momentarily transformed

From loneliness or despair

Caught up in a story where

The promise of another life

Replaces the current strife

Fading in and out of reality

Nothing here one must referee










If this were our last day on earth

Would we cut to the chase, unearth

The things that are truly important

Skip all the rest as totally redundant

Spend our last moments with friends and lovers

No longer willing to simply hover

Be in the moment not wasting time

Giving our best right down the line

Filling our soul and those we treasure

With warmth and love beyond measure

One last thought filled with the purest of love

Our last moments, time we made good use of.

This is in response to Liza’s dream.



Related image

The joys of childhood remembered with glee

When much of life, overwhelming can be

So many decisions we must now make

Nothing is based on a simple handshake

We wade our way through all the fake news

Backed by monied men, their intent to confuse

Even though much is overwhelming

And we often find it all so vexing

Trying to keep life simple the goal

Maintaining a semblance of control

Over that which is part of our world

Becomes more complicated and gnarled

We do the best we possibly can

Since we’re only humans, not superman


Treasure 2


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What a delicious treasure life is

Full of games and sometimes bliss

A relaxed morning sleeping late

Or finding adventure we investigate

Early morning sunshine streams

Through the window in sunbeams

Winter weather bringing glistening snow

Children making angels all in a row

Summer with its gracious warm sun

Everyone is up for summertime fun

Gazing up at the heavens starlight

Identifying constellations all night

A warm and heartfelt hug

It fills us up and we feel snug

Wrapped in friendship and love

Everyone’s life should consist of

A tender smile so gently given

So wonderful it feels like heaven

Children’s laughter loud and clear

Fills the heart with fun and cheer

Nothing more special than the gift of time

Winter, Fall, Summer, and Springtime

This family that we have created

Although on occasion separated

Will always most treasured remain.








Ruell-Up in Flames November Notes

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When you have the strength to stand

And you have a plan in hand

With a foundation or a platform

We can weather any storm

So if everything should go up in flames

We shall all the fires tame

Together forever standing

United our arms banding

We’re standing the test of time

Our love lasting for a lifetime





Related image

I would rearrange my life for you

To make everything brand new

My love for you is strong my dear

I always want to have you near

To share our life together forever

We would laugh and joke and banter

For all seasons we would enjoy

Our love open free no artifice employ

No secrets between us there would be

To you I now come and on bent knee

I supplicate this my appeal

Forever mine would for you remain

Happiness joy and peace attain

Together we work as a team united

Our hopes and dreams well blended

As we share our lives now rearranged

Our love for each other unchanged

Could this dream of us come true

And though the world around a zoo

Remain united and as one

Outside influences to shun

Making our life together whole

Forever together to console

When life’s bumps should arise

A plan of attack we devise

To remain together a team of two

Our love so solid through and through.






For years I had the mistaken idea that to admire was the same as to idolize.  So I had little to no admiration for anyone or anything.

As years went by I realized there’s a huge difference.  Huge!  You can admire beautiful architecture or the skills of an incomparable photographer or the literary art of an accomplished poet, the music of a phenomenal artist.I soon understood there was so much that we could admire, delightfully, happily, gleefully even.  Spectacular oceanic scenes, mountainous ranges, eye-catching old growth trees.

And what of  people – people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds mentally emotionally physically – should we not admire these individuals? And what of ourselves, us, you and me, ought we not take time to admire how we have personally overcome unknown, unseen, struggles we have faced quietly in solitude?

Admire, it’s not such a bad word after all.

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