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I love you with all my heart

It’s a balancing act from the start

Be kind to one another even when your hurt

It’s the little things that once we blurt

Can create a chasm deep and wide

That stings like acid now amplified

Remain close loving affectionate

Never let pride make you obstinant

Stand up tall for what you believe

Do what’s right and always cleave

Together as one against the world

United your strengths shared unfurled





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The interminable power of words

To tear apart or act as healing herbs

Serving as salve on old pain and hurt

Gracious words our fears now thwart


Over exposure of heart and soul

Long held together by self-control

Leaving us vulnerable and exposed

Because of all we gently disclosed

Humbly, openly, fearfully shared

With someone trusted and revered

Knowing that the depths of caring

Will continue never wavering

Taking that chance to be open

Leaving us whole not broken











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Sensitive always on high alert

It meant danger someone could be hurt

Be prepared, escape route, flee

Brothers protect if not me

Danger danger big red flag

Lest you become the punching bag

Hide them in the closet, under the stairs

You’re only four but that’s splitting hairs

So much anger unreasonable it might be

Hitting punching kicking no reprieve for me

A little one a family of violence outgrew

This was her life and all that she knew

Secretly hidden in the far regions of somewhere

Only to be recalled years later when out of nowhere

Violence erupted its ugly head

Slicing,  dicing her memories no longer shed

Surrounded by reminders of pain so deep

Increasingly impossible to close eyes to sleep

Raising a family with love and affection

She stood tall and straight offering protection

Never once the hand of violence would touch

Her children, for to her breast she would clutch

Keeping them safe a happier life treasure

For they are beautiful a joy beyond measure










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