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Monday Blues? Comedy Instead

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My thoughts on Fifty!

Fifty an age among many, that hopefully will come and go.

Where reason and wisdom reside and maturity shall flow?

Oh right, Fifty Shades of Grey, I’ve heard about that

The silver luster in my hair now covered by a slouch hat!

Song and ballads and poems galore

Bout couples gliding across the dance floor

Eloquent and graceful together they float

As I settle down on the sofa in pj’s and old housecoat

Ah yes, the golden years, touted as being all that

Silly me juggling cane and coffee like an acrobat

Still isn’t age just mind over matter

And if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter

Oh great words of wisdom from me how amusing

Cause quite frankly, between you and me, I got nothing!



Name: Covert Novelist



What inspires me as a blogger: I wasn’t inspired at first. I was terrified. Seriously. Gulping, then swallowing big, I with great trepidation wrote my first ever blog. What inspired me to continue, was how delicious I felt when it was finished, then encouraged as I realized others were viewing my blog, which I thought was unimportant at first. Now I am transfixed, and want to write constantly. Who knew?


Best TV Series

NCISWho doesn’t LOVE  NCIS?  I’ve been a faithful fan from the beginning.  I’m not sure which I find more compelling;  Abbey Sciuto, Dr. Mallard, Timothy McGee, Anthony DINozzo, or Special Agent Anthony Leroy Gibbs.


Each charachter adds it’s own special piquancy to the show.   Abbey Sciuto, brilliant, quirky and endearing, Dr. Mallard, although absentminded is an expert in his field, shy but incredibly insightful Timothy McGee, Anthony DiNozzo with his instant recall of movies for any and all occasions, as well as his “womanizing” ways and above all, Anthony Leroy Gibbs, with his all knowing, all seeing and most often intuitive and heartfelt smarts.  Not to mention the underlying care for his team and each member in it.

The interactions between all are honest, true and sincere.  The squabbles, care, and “I got your back!” devotion to each other while solving some pretty gruesome deaths simply reals you in making it one of the best tv series in years.

DiNozzo’s leaving, while expected by me at least, since he couldn’t continue as the slap stick sidekick and not grow up and or out (which could have created a branch show with him as leader since he has the smarts)  if he was interested and if not, could only necessitate his leaving altogether.

I look forward with eager anticipation to see how the new people will evolve and grow and whether we will come to love and enjoy their presence in the long loved series.

You can watch it here!


What do you think?  Eagerly looking forward to hearing more dialogue on the subject.


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