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A Fountain of Affection



Whether it be family or friends

Never treat them as bookends

Keep them close in your heart

Never from their love depart

A fountain of affection and care

With you they will gratefully share

You mean more than you’ll ever know

Even if occasionally they might not show

How special and treasured you are

Much about you they certainly admire

You have much to offer them all

Cherished words shared that enthrawl

It may seem insignificant and natural to you

The little acts of kindness you do

That add up to mountains full of feeling

You are always delightful, endearing












Shopping Malls



I cannot walk a long distance

I often require assistance

In the mall I ride a cart

Oh be still my beating heart

The sites I see at kid level

Nothing here in which to revel

All I see as I ride on through

A bunch of arses who knew

Kids act out in malls regularly

Now I understand why exactly

The problem I identified

Never shall I brush aside

So like “Silly Old Sod”

Although it might look odd

We play silly games

Never the experience the same







I’m up, I’m down I’m all over the place

For the moment I am the only brace

When no one is looking I fall apart

From the depths of my soul I take heart

Trusting that all will end as it should

Ah, there, I knew it would






Are you my champion

Or just an aberration

I look and you appear

You whisper in my ear

Words soft and oh so clear

Full of heartwarming cheer

I want to believe in my heart

You will always stay never depart

You remain yet never age

No longer words on a page

Oh my love my true champion

Of all I believe captured in song



Passport (2)

The word of the day is “passport” and I was immediately taken to 100 different directions.  I wrote a short story instead of poetry.  As I looked through the other posts on passport I realized something uniquely special.

There are so many of you here who are “my passport” to happiness and unequivocal joy. A few blogs today caught my eye, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing them as they spoke to my heart.

I’ve provided links to but a few of the many incredibly talented writers here.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to view their blogs, please do so, as each one offers something different, but uniquely special that speaks volumes and I hope will touch you as much as they do me.

Making a Fortune out of Love

Welcome To My Home




When life is not lived fully, there is no purpose

The gap often filled with meaningless purchase

Replacing a void that exists in the heart

That often appears when life falls apart

Making sense of that which exists

Often the goal of those who resist

Falling down the rabbit hole

Intent on satisfying their soul

The question of the ages, why are we here

The answer is simple, it’s for each to explore

Meaningless finds room when nothing remains

Open the door and enjoy all that life contains





Related image

The heart fills with desire, it wants what it wants

That which is attainable, that which is not, haunts

Leading us astray from what is acceptable

Into foreign lands so vulnerable, susceptible

Often a balance we seek between the two

Whispers of truth acknowledged, bid adieu

Follow our heart, follow our mind

Sometimes in neither, satisfaction find

Still flames of desire build and overcomes

Sensibility, longing, craving reality becomes

Until sated by desire’s passionate determination

That little slice of cake is our only salvation






Related image

The interminable power of words

To tear apart or act as healing herbs

Serving as salve on old pain and hurt

Gracious words our fears now thwart


Over exposure of heart and soul

Long held together by self-control

Leaving us vulnerable and exposed

Because of all we gently disclosed

Humbly, openly, fearfully shared

With someone trusted and revered

Knowing that the depths of caring

Will continue never wavering

Taking that chance to be open

Leaving us whole not broken











Related image

Once we were close and then you were gone

Along with precious moments of our liaison

You are a song in my heart filled and overflowing

Never forgotten with memories ongoing

Your laughter, your humour, your delightful smile

Are carried along down life’s many paths for miles

So although physically you are no longer here

You will never be forgotten and never disappear




Related image

Once upon a time trust was easy

We had fun and we were cheeky

Able to say what was in our heart

Everywhere we would go never apart

We shared our deepest thoughts

You were such a chatterbox

Suddenly without warning you changed

Something told me to go with my instinct

I knew without a doubt you wanted to leave

No longer together did you cleave

Nothing was said with words to that effect

Yet something was missing and I must reflect

On when and why the change had taken place

No longer did you look longingly at my face

Instead your own company you preferred

Suddenly my concerns were confirmed

The trust once had suddenly broken

Nothing left except a tiny token

Of what once had been so real

Now only time to reflect and to heal






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