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We pursue happiness by any means we can

Sometimes a delicious aroma cooking in a pan

Perhaps it’s a twinkle in another person’s eyes

Although we may find it in sparkling starlit skies

A lovely piece of music can move us to the core

Carrying us across a crowded ballroom floor

Sitting with a loved one before a roaring fire

Nothing more, something simple all that we require

Happiness fills you up, all the dark spaces are now gone

Pursue a little happiness to lighten up your soul

Leaving you feeling completely relaxed and whole




Related image

Successful a word that encompasses much

Not often something you hold or you touch

Successful a word that covers your delight

When reaching a goal you strive to new heights

Successful a word that embraces true happiness

Embarking on a new chapter in life so adventurous

Successful a word that fills you with accomplishment

Doing your best without thought of a complement

Successful a word that embodies the effort used

To keep pushing and moving, though your body feels misused

Successful a word truly ageless and encompasses much

Whether young or old, every endeavour regarded as such



Pain Told Love By Tribe Society November Songs

My interpretation of the song: You can try but you cant get away from pain.  Accept it, go with it, get to the other side, flowers grow there like they do after a hurricane.

More afraid of the pain than the pain itself,

We place our feelings on a shelf

We self-medicate or drink too much,

Using anything as a crutch

Lest someone judge us instead

We walk on eggshells, lightly tread

When if we but simply deal

With the pain that is so real

We would get to the other side

Feel the pain and let it slide

The tears will wash away

Our emotions no longer in disarray

Flowers of happiness will soon grow

Filling our hearts to overflow

Making room for healthy emotion

There simply is no easy potion




Luxury means different things to different people.  To some, it relates to things such as fine dining, cars, homes, furniture.  To others it is comprised of vacations, warm, welcoming, pampered.  While some luxuriate in a great read or perhaps music that invigorates the soul.  Then there’s the luxury of time and the ability to use it freely for whatever we wish.  What of the luxury of thought?  Or the luxury of freedom? Freedom to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, when you want to do it, with whom you wish to enjoy it!

Luxury whatever the ideal, brings relaxation, happiness, peacefulness to the body and the spirit like a summit reached, or a dream fulfilled.  No matter how large or small the scale, it is attainable, refreshing, and pleasurable.

Some would turn up their nose and yell it is selfish and meager and unimportant and lasts momentarily scoffing at the idea.  To those who reach out for the luxury of a pair of shoes, their next meal or a roof over their head, or a warm winter coat, or that last breath, or freedom of speech, it is meaningful and filled with relief, a luxury incomparable.

Most important of all is the luxury of good health with which we are able to partake in life, in simply breathing.

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