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I remain in the shadows of neverland

Although unseen, I’ll always be at hand

To do the job I’m qualified for

Never asking for anything more

I love the work, the job, the people

Dependent on my skills, all equal

Whether rich middle class or poor

A helping hand without grandeur

I remain unseen as if a ghost

Always prepared to do my utmost

An unsung hero I shall remain

My job to ease suffering or pain

I continue by your side always

Looking upon you with gentle gaze

Until that moment in time

When you are no longer mine





Some believe in ghosts and feel

They exist undoubtedly  real

Though felt they remain unseen unheard

The line between becomes so blurred

Indeed we all have ghosts that haunt

Past experiences that us taunt

Although they remain peripheral

Their power o’er us monumentally real

Do they guide and help us heal

The unseen scars of  tortured past

Until we have peace at long last



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