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Loving you.

My love for you is endless

Always and forever, boundless

Your so special in many countless ways

My heart fills to overflowing as my gaze

Lovingly caresses your beautiful young face

I think of all that life offers beyond this phase

Your precious, delightful, funny and smart

Forever and always you’ll be in my heart.





The human race needs a catapult

To launch us into true adulthood

Where the caring for others

Goes beyond fathers and mothers

Is boundless fruitful and endless

Standing not alone and friendless

But arm in arm with another

White black brown, whatever

The colour of our skin matters nought

What defines our humanity may be

The saving grace in all of us set free

A catapult to jettison us as a whole

Transformed body and soul

Into thoughts far above

Baselessness replaced by love


















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