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There was no reluctance, hesitation, not even a qualm

In making a new friend, my manner poised and calm

I joined my best friend and for coffee we did go

For she was excited deliriously so

Introducing us brought her such delight

She hurried our encounter eager to expedite

The moment we’de set eye on each other

She loved us equally fussing like a den mother

And when I looked up from my frothy coffee cup

Imagine my surprise, my face it did heat up

I’ll never know how I managed an hour

Not a hint of annoyance, not even a glower

You sat as passive as a piece of driftwood

You the one secret I’d kept from the world

Until it was time for us to leave

An unexpected wink I received

So you did remember me you lug

That capricious look upon your mug

Not knowing whether to run or to stay

I decided we’de long ago made hay

So now it was incumbent upon me to

Quietly bid you a resounding adieu










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