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Have you ever felt so exhausted, so emotionally spent, so completely alone and unable to connect you couldn’t think move or speak?  Well here I am!  Desperately in need of a recharge.  Taking stalk of my life won’t do.  I need so much more.  You were my last hope!

I plunked down on the stoup with nothing in hand but my old carpetbag.  I’d thrown all I owned inside, donned my coat hat and parasol spent the last of my hard earned money to get here, and you were gone.

The loss cut deep.  I knew I was welcome, I could enter, but without you here, what reason did I have?  You were my soul mate, the love of my life, and I’d arrived too late.  Desperately hungrily I recalled our letters, exchanged with such hope, such passion for life. I yearned for one last exchange.

I dropped my head in my hands and wept.  Wept for all that was lost, unattained, so much left unspoken.  We had a life to build together, hopes, dreams now ashes.

There was no one to blame but myself.  Having allowed the winds of time to whisk me about, chasing after knowledge and discovery, time had passed me by until your last letter and I realized the urgency.  Desperately I cling to the words in that letter, encouraging no urging that I come, and come soon.

I sat inconsolable.  Time stood still.  I wiped the tears from off my cheeks and looked up and witnessed your world.  A forest of trees swayed in a rumbling breeze.  The peace of this place enveloped me comforted me as I sat motionless not daring to move lest I break the spell.

It was as if a shimmering light began at my toes, warmth moved through me, encircled me.  This place that you loved has restorative power.  I sat awhile longer encouraged by all I felt.  Feeling revitalized, my thought process restored.

A sudden movement caught my attention.  There you were, tall, proud, your eyes held a glow of pleasure, happiness and surprise.

I stood and stared in disbelief.  I called to you and raced to your side.  I had to touch you to make sure you were real.  When your arms reached out to hold me, I flew into them with such relief, such gratitude I could not speak.

I dared not question why, you were here, we were together. No more time shall pass without your presence.  I thanked the gods that be.





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