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I’ve never been a fishing fan

Baiting a hook not in the plan

Watching as that little worm squirmed

More than I could take and confirmed

A fisherwoman I could not be

As I cried for that worm endlessly

You don’t have to bait the hook I was told

Just come sit with me, coffee and rod hold

You’ll find it relaxing and calming too

I found for me that was abjectly not true

Please never ask me with you to go fishing

Within moments you’ll be sincerely wishing

That you were somewhere else indeed

Please go enjoy accompanied

With all the bait rods and fishing hats

To make your little heart pitter pat

I’ll never be a fishing fan

It’s never been in the plan










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Once upon a time trust was easy

We had fun and we were cheeky

Able to say what was in our heart

Everywhere we would go never apart

We shared our deepest thoughts

You were such a chatterbox

Suddenly without warning you changed

Something told me to go with my instinct

I knew without a doubt you wanted to leave

No longer together did you cleave

Nothing was said with words to that effect

Yet something was missing and I must reflect

On when and why the change had taken place

No longer did you look longingly at my face

Instead your own company you preferred

Suddenly my concerns were confirmed

The trust once had suddenly broken

Nothing left except a tiny token

Of what once had been so real

Now only time to reflect and to heal






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